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Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Sunday Morning Post

Good morning!! It is a beautiful morning that my God created!  The sun rose this morning, a cool breeze was in the air.  I threw on a hoodie and went outside to enjoy the morning at ten after seven.  It felt great. I took a short walk before shooting some hoops while listening to music on my iphone.  Afterwards I went to the fence to see my horse Shiloh who was waiting patiently for me to walk over to him. Sassy not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to have attention pranced her way to the fence to get in on the petting!   I came inside, got cleaned up for the day, ate apples & cinnamon oatmeal and now I am doing this blog.  I feel great!  Oooh and I cannot forget, I have drank nearly three bottles of water this morning and I have not had my first Dr. Pepper yet! Woohoo! Improvement for me considering I usually grab a Dr. Pepper first thing when I wake up.   I am comtemplating making this a daily routine. Maybe not exactly, but doing some sort of exercising and eating healthy. Usually I sleep through breakfast, or skip it entirely.  Maybe I could start a series of posts tracking my progress, it may motivate me to start and keep it going this time, instead of stopping after a week or two like I usually do. Hmm, maybe. I will toss the idea around some more in my mind. Would you be interested in reading about y quest to get healthy?

I realize I forgot Friday's shoe post, remember the first one, "A Walk on the Wild Side" well I planned on that post being a start to series of shoe related posts. That is still my plan, only I am two days late in posting it. I will do that later today, so if you are interested be on the look out for that post!

This morning I finished reading "Eight Cousins" by Louisa Mae Alcott. I love this book. I read it for the first time when I was in my early teens. My Aunt Lois, who is now at home with Jesus, let me borrow a stack of Louisa Mae Alcott books.  Among the books was "Eight Cousins," It quickly became my favorite of her books, (that I have read thus far that is).  Reading it again at the age of 25, it is still my favorite book by Louisa Mae Alcott. It would be great if someone made a movie about the book and let me play the leading role of Rose!  Sigh..happy thought!! I would so enjoy that!  After finishing "Eight Cousins" I started reading "Rose in Bloom" the sequel to "Eight Cousins," I have never read this book before but the beginning promises to be just as entertaining and exciting as "Eight Cousins."

You can download it for free on Amazon to your pc or kindle. I downloaded it to my kindle. (I love that thing!)  I like having the actual kindle, and the kindle app on my iPhone. I enjoy both, they come in handy. So if you ever see me in the store or anywhere for that matter and I am staring at my cellphone, it is possible that I am reading a book! 

Here is the direct link for the book "Eight Cousins" on Amazon. (click the title!)

Well that about sums up this blog post. I will be posting the second edition to the shoe series later on this afternoon but in the meantime I am going to go do something, what I am not sure. Read or browse the internet some more. I have been reading up on marketing and promoting and all that good stuff. It is actually more interesting that I anticipated!

I hope everyone has an awesome Sunday!  Don't forget to check back later for the post and if you haven't already I would love for you to become a fan on facebook, and follow me on twitter and instagram. I promise I am friendly and I love meeting people!  Also feel free to comment, I will reply!!

God Bless,
   ~Mardi Robyn

(Jeremiah 1:5----Read it! Please!!)

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