. Mardi Robyn: A Walk on the Wild Side Mardi Robyn: A Walk on the Wild Side

Friday, September 14, 2012

A Walk on the Wild Side

They say "Diamonds are a girls best friend," but forget diamonds...give me shoes!    Here are some of my favorite shoes I have found while surfing the world wide web, mainly pinterest. (Whatever did we do before we had that site??)   So, sit back, and drool over these fabulous shoes with fantastic patterns and prints, it really is like taking a walk on the wild side...

Leopard Print Heels

I came across these shoes on Pinterest, unfortunately whoever pinned them didn't give a link on where to purchase these or any info on the price. Aren't they gorgeous though?

Black Studded Heels

I like the punk, rocker, edgy look to these heels, yet they are dressy enough to wear with a classy outfit. These heels would give a definite edgy, hip look to the classic little black dress. They would even add pop and stare to a classic red dress.  

Iron Fists Wedges
I really like these wedge shoes. They are fun and flirty. Puts a new spin on red shoes. I would wear these with black dress pants, blue jeans, or any other outfit that I wanted to add some sassiness too. These shoes have a classic retro tattoo print to them with the roses and anchors. It's like tattoos on your feet without the pain of a tattoo gun.   So cute and trendy!

Iron Fists Flats
These shoes are awesome! These fun heels would add that fun, playful, edgy feel to a casual outfit. Adding style to the office!  Like the shoes above, I like the tattoo style print on these shoes, it's like tattoos for your feet without the pain of a tattoo gun!  I would wear these!

Iron Fists Heels
Pink, Stars, Sequins! Seriously these shoes scream cute! They are like rockstar meets girly girl! Rockin' the sassy princess in you! 

Michael Antonio Heels
I am not usually a fan of anything snake print. Snakes creep me out. These shoes however are so cool! They are blue, so it really doesn't remind me of a snake, atleast not the regular snakes we have out here in the South.  I would wear these heels!

Jeffrey Campbell Wedges

Unfortunately these shoes are no long available, but seriously are these shoes not the kitschiest (Is that a word?) shoes you have ever seen! They are fun and kitschy!

Iron Fists Wedges
These shoes are so cute!  They are borderline tacky, but in a fantastic sort of way. They are "fanTACKstick" Get it? Yeah corny I know!  These shoes have three of my favorites, sequins, blue, and leopard print!  I would wear these! Would you?

Iron Fists Heels

I LOVE these shoes!  They are a bit pricey, but aren't they adorable? I love the leopard print, giving it an edge, the polka dot ribbons give that girly look, and the heart charms, well that is just like icing on the cake!  Call me crazy, but I would pay the price for these shoes, and that is a shocker because I'm all about a bargain! 

Join me next Friday for another edition to this shoe series! 

Have an awesome Friday!

God Bless,
  ~Mardi Robyn

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