. Mardi Robyn: Gonna Take a Vacation Mardi Robyn: Gonna Take a Vacation

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gonna Take a Vacation

♪...Gonna take a vacation, past the moon and the stars, gonna walk down the streets of gold, no traffic, no cars..." ♪  ~Dixie Echoes (Old school southern gospel song)

Got carried away in song for a moment!   I am going to take a much needed vacation, packing up my laptop, my pillows and blankets, cellphone, cellphone charger, books, notebook, pens, and whatever else I need for this extended trip!   

I am going to take a vacation to a relaxing room trimmed in blue, with white crisp walls, a queen side bed and a country view! Ahhh wonderful!  The travel is minimum, in fact with just a few steps I will be there.  Relaxation here I come!

Where am I going you might ask?  Down the hall to our families guest room!  Ok, so it isn't exactly a vacation but it will be a change of scenary.  I started the process of going through things in my room and rearranging.  Usually this task takes me a day, maybe two at the most, but since I am still in recovery from a dirt bike wreck on Memorial Day things take a lot longer to accomplish then they would if I were not still recovering. Since my bedroom will soon be turned upside down as I embark on the adventure of going through EVERYTHING and when I mean everything I mean, dresser drawers, both closet, and every nook and cranny that is filled with all my odds and ends. I need to get rid of things, reorganize, rearrange, redecorate and make my space as versatile as possible.  It needs to be a bedroom, craft studio, and office all rolled into one. A challenge I look forward to as long as I take it one step at a time and take breaks so I do not become overwhelmed.

The wreck in May brought a temporary set back known as "post concussive syndrome,"  it is temporary,  however since it is a very minor brain injury it is still an injury that takes time to heal. My Doctor said it could take up to a year before I begin to feel 100% normal.  In a nut shell I get tired easily and sometimes things can seem overwhelming. There is a lot more to it, but I don't wish to go into it right now.  Thankfully like I said it is only temporary and I am recovering everyday. I have already come a long way.   Because of the PCS though it is going to take a few days, maybe even weeks to get everything in tip top shape, so while I am renovating my bedroom I will be vacationing in the guestroom and working on my "bedroom project" a little at a time until completion.

Would you like to see pictures?  I will take before and after pictures and start a series of blog posts to give my wonderful readers a glimpse at my bedroom renovation progress!  This should be exciting!

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