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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Shopping Haul: The Sweet Mouse

*One of my orders from 2015. I started this blog post and did not finish it, until now.*

Super Cute Hairbows and Christmas Snowflake Ornaments from The Sweet Mouse. 


When I saw this Christmas ornament I knew I wanted to ordered it. I am so glad I was able too.  The Sweet Mouse is one of my favorite online small businesses. I encourage you to check out her shop. 

Goodbye Mississippi, Hello Alabama.

*I wrote this in May of 2017 while my Parents and I were packing up to move from Mississippi back to our home State of Alabama.*

When my family and I moved into this house (in Mississippi) I was a child on the brink of adulthood. We moved to Mississippi, August, 28th, 2004. One month and three days before my eighteenth birthday.  It was my Senior year of high school. I homeschooled so I did not have to worry about transitioning from one school to the next. 

I was raised in Alabama from the time my Parents took me home from the Hospital in Florida where I was born.  You could say I grew up in Alabama.  You could also say I grew up in Mississippi during the thirteen years I have lived here. 

A lot of firsts happened for me right here in Mississippi.  First speech given in front of Church for my Senior year English project to graduate.  First time I preached was in the little Church we attended. I got my permit and first driver's license in Mississippi.   My wisdom teeth were taken out in Mississippi.  It was in Mississippi that I started my online business, found new independence, became an adult, took voice lessons, got my first job, became a licensed and certified Pharmacy Technician. Felt a lot of joy, happiness, and pain.  Got my horses. Fell in love with a dog I named Goober, later feel in love a second time with a dog I named Bama.  

I learned important lessons. I had my first wreck in a vehicle where I was driving. I wrecked a dirt bike and was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury.  In Mississippi I met some incredible people who became good friends and family. 

Mississippi has been a second home. I have grown. I have learned. 

Leaving is not easy.  I may be moving back to my Home State of Alabama, but I am carrying all the memories with me.  Maybe not the bad ones, they can stay here, but all the good memories I will forever cherish in my heart and in my mind. 

It won't be the end, I will still visit Mississippi to see my nephew, his family, which includes his fiance and my sweet great niece.  I will come back often for Doctors appointments until I find a Doctor in Alabama.  It won't be the same though.   These trips will be visits, staying in hotels. Living in this house is coming to an end. 

A new chapter is beginning. 
Goodbye old house.
It's been real.
Hello adventure, I am ready. 

A View Through My Eyes Week 26: My Dixie Robyn and Bama

 Dixie Robyn and Bama are good friend

 Look at the smile on Bama's face!

Dixie Robyn and Bama look like they are carrying on a conversation.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Day My Horse Dixie Robyn Let Me Put Her Halter On Her

The day I put a halter on my filly Dixie Robyn for the first time. She did awesome. She stood still and let me put the halter on her.  

Before putting her halter on her I brushed her, petted her, gave her horse treats, hugs and kisses and talked to her.  When I was ready to put the halter on her, I told her what I was doing and talked through the entire process.  I believe horses understand you. If you are gentle and understanding with them, they will be gentle and understanding with you. 

My sweet Dixie Robyn.  

*Photographs taken last year in 2017.*

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

My Niece and Her Pink Keyboard

For Christmas my Parents and I gave my three year old niece this pink forty-one key keyboard that came with a stand for music books and sheetmusic and a black microphone that plugs into the back of the keyboard
My niece loved it. She stayed a few days with my Parents and I. While she was here we played with her keyboard and sang into her microphone.
She would sing into the microphone and at times make yodeling sounds Grandpa taught her during the summer.
Her favorite was telling me to sing while she played the keyboard. She and I had a lot of fun.
I love my sweet niece thank Thank God for her.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Christmas Decor at my Doctors Office in Mississippi and Pictures of Me Acting Silly

I had a Doctors appointment a few days before Christmas. I took a picture in front of their Christmas tree in the waiting room.
While waiting in the Doctors office, I like to take random pictures of myself to occupy my time. I promise I am not conceited or vain.
The t-shirt I wore under my red velour zip up hoodie.


Acting silly.
Beautiful decor at my Doctors office.

So pretty!!

My New YouTube Video: Throwback Makeup to 1998 when I was Twelve.

Have you seen one of my new videos on my YouTube channel? Please search for "Mardi Robyn" in the search bar on YouTube. I invite you to subscribe to my channel, I would be honored! When I reach 50 subscribers I will have a giveaway! Thank You!!!!

My December 2017 Favorites YouTube Video

Have you seen one of my new videos on my YouTube channel? Please search for "Mardi Robyn" in the search bar on YouTube. I invite you to subscribe to my channel, I would be honored! When I reach 50 subscribers I will have a giveaway! Thank You!!!!K

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Christmas Lights at Brewton City Park

This year my Parents, dog Bama and I went to see the lights at the city park in Brewton, Alabama. I enjoyed it. Walking around the park helped me get into a more festive mood and helped me get excited about Christmas.

Pose and smile.

The blue Christmas lights were my favorite.
Blurry picture, but how inviting the gazebo looked.

My dog Bama enjoyed looking at the Christmas lights.



After we left the park, we passed by a Church that had a live Nativity scene outside. The picture is blurry but the figures you see are real people reenacting the night of Jesus birth.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Christmas Decorations 2017

My Aunt Pat made this beautiful pinecone Christmas centerpiece.





























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