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Monday, October 16, 2017

Stores that Use to be Other Stores

In 2004 my family and I moved from Alabama to Mississippi. This year my Parents and I moved from Mississippi back to Alabama. It is fun to see how this area has changed. New buildings have been built, old stores are now a different store from what it was when I was growing up.

Last week my Mama and I went shopping. I decided to take some pictures of stores that use to be different stores when I was a child.

This building was once a Walmart before the Super Walmart was built. Now the building is separated into two stores.

My Mama and I went in Roses Express.

I enjoyed looking at some of the items in the store, like these fleece pajama pants. Fleece pajama pants are my favorite to wear during winter weather. I took pictures of some of the ones I liked the best. I did not buy any because the westher is still hot here. I plan on going back soon and purchasing some of their pajama pants if they still have them.

These were cute. I like the colors. My oldest sister would like them as well since they have smiley faces on them. $5.99 is a good price for fleece pajama pants.

How cute are these panda bear pajama pants?

Penguins!! One of my favorite breed of animals. I like thr color combinations on the pajama pants too.

Cute heart print pajama pants. I like the colors in this material too.

"Party Owl Night," I like the play on words! Owls are one of my favorite birds.

Anothet pair of owl pajama pants. I think they are cute, but the pair pictured above I like the best.

Goodies is across the parking lot from Roses Express. When I was growing up this building was a clothing store named "Moores," I liked that store. My first grown up ladies pants suit and dress shoes my parents bought for me from Moores. They bought a lot of my clothes growing up from Moores.

I enjoyed my Mama and I spending time together on our shopping trip. I like seeing how the town has changed in some ways and in other was how it has stayed the same.

Thank you

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

My Trip to Hobby Lobby: Christmas Decorations I Saw

Today my Parents surprised me with a trip to Hobby Lobby in Pensacola, Florida.  I have not been to this Hobby Lobby in Pensacola since I was thirteen years old.  I remember that was my first trip to a Hobby Lobby and my Mama, and I went with my sister Kim, she was shopping for things for her Wedding.   It was that trip that I was introduced to Hobby Lobby and decided I liked the place.

The store is still in the same location it was when I was thirteen.  Inside is laid out difference than I remember, but that is to be expected.  

I have not been in a Hobby Lobby in a couple of years. I do not remember if the last Hobby Lobby I was in was in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, or Flowood, Mississippi, but I do know it has been a while.

I was happy to get to go today and had a lot of fun.  I bought two bags full of items, but I won't show them in this blog post. I plan on doing a Hobby Lobby Shopping Haul Video and load it to my YouTube channel sometime this week. Instead I decided for this blog post I would post pictures of Christmas ornaments that I took pictures of with my cellphone.  I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed looking at the ornaments.  Hobby Lobby carries so many beautiful, and cute Christmas ornaments.  I took pictures of some of my favorites.  

 I thought this lollipop Christmas ornament was cute. I want to make something similar but use a different type of material. 
 This macaroon Christmas ornament is adorable! I might have to go back to a Hobby Lobby and purchase one for my Christmas tree.
 How cute is this candy themed house ornament? If I am not mistaken I saw one in the color pink, but I didn't take a picture of it.
Macaroon Ornaments! I would love to decorate a Christmas tree in dessert themed ornaments. 

 I like the cookie theme wreath ornaments. The design is cute and festive.
 I thought these snowflake ornaments were adorable! I want to go back to a Hobby Lobby before Christmas and purchase one or two. The snowflakes are soft. I think they were made of foam, and the sprinkles added to the cuteness of them making them adorable.
 I like candy cane ornaments. These were cute. I meant to go back to the Christmas aisle they were on and pick out the pink and white one pictured, and a blue and white one in the background but, I forgot. Looks like I will get to make another trip to Hobby Lobby before Christmas!  I don't mind at all!
This Christmas ornament reminds me of my oldest sister who loves to drink coffee. I took the picture with the intentions of sending the picture to my sister in a text message, but I have not done it yet. I will though. 

Cute Chocolate Donut Christmas ornaments with colorful sprinkles. To bad it is inedible!
 More cute donut Christmas ornaments. 

 This Christmas ornament looks like a square of carrot cake. 

 I like the looks of this Cowboy Boot Christmas ornament. My only wish is that they were big enough to fit my feet. 

This Cowboy Boot Christmas ornament was my favorite of the boot designs. I meant to go back to the Christmas ornament aisle it was on and pick one up to purchase, but I did not make it back to that side of the store. Maybe next time I go in Hobby Lobby before Christmas they will have one like it. 

 I thought this Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas ornament was cute. 

 The picture is a little blurry, but look at the gumball machine Christmas ornament! It would look cute on a candy themed Christmas tree. 

 This Christmas ornament is pretty with some of the words to one of my favorite Christmas songs "Silent night, Holy Night.."  As with some of the other ornaments I took pictures of, I meant to go back and pick up one of these to buy and forgot before I checked out. Maybe next time I go to Hobby Lobby they will have one I can buy. 

Beautiful! That is the first word that came to my mind when I saw this Christmas ornament. I enjoy seeing deer, and this one on the ornament looks very realistic. 

 I liked all of the candy themed ornaments hanging on the wall. They were big. I guess they are for use outdoors, or maybe in bigger displays around your house or Christmas tree. I wouldn't mind not only a candy themed Christmas tree, but an entire room decorated in a Christmas candy theme would be sweet! Pun intended. 

 At first I was not sure which ornament I thought was more cute, but I think I like the pink one on the right the best. 

Look at this lollipop themed ornament. It looks like it is covered with colorful candy sprinkles. 

Thank you for reading my blog post. I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures of Christmas ornaments as much as I enjoyed looking at the Christmas ornaments in person.

Have you been to a Hobby Lobby lately?  Did you look at the Christmas decorations?

Monday, September 25, 2017

Tips for Helping Someone with PTSD

Some tips on how to help someone who suffers with depression, anxiety, panic and PTSD. They may do and say things they wouldn't normally do and say.

Their brain is injured. They have difficulty. They may say the wrong things. Forget and repeat themselves. Lash out at love ones for no reason. They aren't meaning to be mean. They aren't doing these things on purpose. They are tormented inside.

Their mental illness, or as some people prefer it called psychological illness, causes mistrust, clinginess, anger, loss of memory, vulnerability, easily hurt, easily heartbroken.

They need love, encouragement, support. Don't ignore them. That makes their symptoms worse. Don't put them down. Don't get mad or angry with them. Be patient, kind, understanding. In one word Love them. It won't be easy, but if you love the person and want them to heal you will realize the trial you go through taking care of them is hard but not nearly as hard as the torment in their minds and heart that they can't overcome without healing first. Healing takes times. It's hard to understand that because a mental illness, is not visibly seen like a broken bone, but it is just as real and it is dealing with the mind. Healing can take weeks, months or even years. No two are exactly alike. It's complex, it's challenging, it will hurt and you will have to fight, cry and sometimes scream when you are alone but, don't give up. Don't take it personally. The battle is within themselves, they aren't blaming you. Be understanding. If you know someone fighting these battles be there for them, pray for them. Love them. They need the ones they love and who love them.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Jesus Helps Me Every Step of the Way

I put this on Facebook earlier this evening and wanted to blog it.

I'm not going to worry.
I'm gonna be just fine.
I have my Jesus, He is always by my side.
I've been through the fire, hit my head on an ole brick wall. Jesus revived my life and gave me a brand new song.

Some days I get frustrated. Can't see the end in sight. Feel like giving up, screaming at the top of my lungs God "why me," as if I think I'm something special. Everyone goes through trials. Has pain. Has tears, cries through the night. I'm no exception, I'm fighting my own battles, one punch at a time
Each day I grow stronger. Good days, bad days, a mix of the two. I question God how long will this continue. But God in His infinite wisdom, His mercy, His grace and unfailing love, holds me in His arms, brings peace and whispers child I'm with you through this storm.

Oh the storm sometime rages. Depression looms like a big black cloud, anxiety tightens around me threatening to squeeze the life out of me. Panic makes my heart rate fast, I feel I can't breath. Confusion sets in, who am I? Why am I hear? Sometime I forgot my own name. Sometimes I don't know who my parents are when they are staring me in the face trying to help ease the pain while the fog is so thick I can't see through the rain.

Then there are times when seizures rear their ugly head. No matter how I try to ward them off, I can't fight the feeling that tells me they are taking over. I try to fight, try to out run them but the harder I try the more they overtake me. After the storm, I feel so ashamed. "Why Lord, why? Must I go through this pain."

Torture, heartache, sleepless nights and tears. God I'm your child. He calms my fears. When my brain gets stuck, I get tongue tied and say one thing meaning another it makes me so mad. I'm a Manning we never have trouble talking my pride screams.

I get insecure. I hate being ignored. Friends have left me. People didn't understand. They called me names. Said I was faking. My Doctor, the speech therapists, brain injury counselor and Physiatrist I have seen know better than that. People Claimed I tried to commit suicide. No I got on a dirt bike I didn't know how to drive, I panicked and my life has never been the same since. Friends I thought would be there left. I have trust issues. I feel vulnerable. The close friends I have probably get annoyed when I feel clingy or needy after a storm of panic or seizures have hit.

Why do I keep going? I have begged God to let me die. Oh but there is a reason for this season, What the devil meant for evil to harm me, my Jesus made a way. He restored me. He renews me day after day. It is His strength that gets me through and guides me each step of the way.

Jesus has given me a testimony. All the suffering is worth it, if just one person sees Jesus in me. Because He is there. His strength is made perfect in times of weakness. So I will praise Him in this storm. God isn't through with me yet. The devil tried to kill me. But Jesus stepped in and said "No, this girl is mine and I have a work for her to do."

No matter what you are going through. Don't give up. Cling to Jesus. He will never leave you nor forsake you. That is not a cliche. It is truth. It is real. I know, He is with me everyday. Let Him walk with you through your storm. I promise. He will never let you down.

Depression, I Am Free!

Depression has brought me to my knees right where I belong.  God I am calling on your name, with my hands lifted high. I want to see Your light shine through my night.   Only You can remove the darkness that I've known that makes me feel alone.  Hear my cry, I am on my knees, where I belong.

It's an ugly fight in the blackness of night when the air suffocates me and I feel my world closing in.  I have tried everything that I know to do other than what I should have done all along, and that is call out to You.

I am not lost. I am found.  I am not condemned, I am redeemed by the blood Jesus shed for me.  Darkness flea in Jesus name. I am a daughter of the one true King!  I am victorious.  My God is glorious and He loves me.

Depression cease.  You have no hold on me. I break the chains in Jesus name. I am free.  I am free. I am free.  Jesus Christ set me free!  No darkness do I see. I see the light of Jesus washing over me! I am on my knees. I am free! I stand amazed at Your Grace for me.  I am free!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lessons While Watching My Horses

 I just love it when God uses my animals to get my attention. Our horses are smarty britches. We keep the water hose hung over the side of the fence by their water. They refuse to leave it there. Instead they pick it up with their mouth and toss it back over the fence.

 Don't we do something similar. God offers us living water. Life and nourishment for our spirit. Instead of drinking from His endless supply daily. We toss it back over our fence as if to say I don't have time for you now God. Let me do it my way. When all the while He wants to provide us with His love that refreshes. 

To often we refuse and stay dehydrated, stressed, depressed and miserable, when all we have to do is let Him flow over our fence. Just thinking..

*I typed this up on my Facebook status a few years ago.*

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Photos with my Dog Bama

I took these pictures several months ago.  I love my sweet dog Bama, and thank God for Him often!

New Beads

 Colorful Frosted Glass Beads. Size: 10mm. $3.00 per strand. 
These beads are almost sold out, but I will have more in stock in two to four weeks. 

 The color of these beads are some of my favorites. I call them Candy Colored Glass beads. 
They are 10mm in size and $3.00 a strand. I still have some strands in stock, and will order more soon. 

Most of these strands are sold out, the strands that were not sold out I mixed together to make a color mix of beads. They are 8mm in size and are $2.50 per set. 

Here are some video's that I took when I received these beads in the mail a few weeks ago.

video video

Beads can be ordered on my Instagram account @MardiRobynSupplies or on my website www.MardiRobyn.com

Saturday, July 29, 2017

My YouTube Channel

I have a YouTube Channel. I created it last year and uploaded a few videos.  
After I uploaded those few videos, I did not upload anymore until this week.
I am still learning how to film videos and work my way around having my own YouTube channel. 
I have not begun to learn how to edit my videos yet.

I do not have my own YouTube channel URL yet, because YouTube requires you to have at least 100 subscribers before you can have your own YouTube channel URL. 

If you would like to view my videos and become a subscriber search for TheMardiRobyn on YouTube or click here to go directly to my channel. 

Feel free to comment on videos, I will reply!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Happy Customers Photos

I enjoy it when my customers send me pictures of their order they purchased and received from my shop.  I also enjoy it when customers send me pictures of jewelry they designed and created using beads and charms from my shop! Thank y'all for sharing your designs with me, and your order photo's and bringing a smile to my heart.


This customer created this lovely bracelet using beads she bought from my shop.

This customer made this beautiful bracelet stack using red and white beads, and rose beads she bought from my shop!

This customer made this beautiful bracelet set using an anchor and rose charm she bought from my shop. 


Happy Customer Order! Thank you! 

Happy Customer Order! Thank you! 

Happy Customer Order! Thank you! 

Happy Customer Order! Thank you! 

Happy Customer Order! Thank you! 

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