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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Coffee and Soda Charms

Looking for soda or coffee charms to add to your sweet treats jewelry? Take a look at the styles we

 Look at how cute these Pepsi inspired charms are! (Click the underlined name to shop!)

 Take a look at these old fashion coca cola bottle inspired charms!

 Cute coca cola can inspired charms! 

How about these cute coffee drink charms topped high with whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup!

One of my favorite drink charms, these kawaii coffee cup charms.  Look at their happy faces!

These and other charms can be purchased on my website www.MardiRobyn.com  When searching for the drink charms when using the search engine on my website, type "Soda Charms."  When searching for the coffee charms, type "Coffee charms."  The charms are titled by those names instead of the their "brand inspired" names so that we do not infringe of any copyright laws since we are not affiliated with the companies themselves. Thus the reason we call these charms "brand inspired!" 

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Charms and Cabochon Kits Bargain Sale

I was not able to go to sleep last night. Insomnia paid me a visit. Or maybe I was not sleepy from my nap yesterday...

Either way I was awake. So I decided to get out of bed and package orders to mail today, only I realized I am out of mailing envelopes so a trip to the store later this morning is on my agenda.

Since I could not package orders I decided to begin prepping for tonights sale on my Instagram shop account @MardiRobynSupplies. 

The picture above shows some of the prep work I did.

I am cleaning out shop craft supplies as well ad my personal craft supplies. I want to sale as much as possible before we move completely.

In this sale I will have charm sets, cabochon kits, charm bundles and canochon bundles at bargain prices! I am excited about this sale. 

One of the food themed cabochon bundles I put together. Almost gives me the urge to heat up a piece of leftover pizza stored in the refrigerator. 

If you are a jewelry making and/or cabochon craft supplier this sale is for you to!  You will find great deals on bulk items for bargain prices you can purchase and resell in your next sale.

I hope to see you there!  Have a great day!! 


Friday, June 24, 2016

Our Adventures in Moving

This motor home has been our home away from home since last October. 

My family and I are in the process of moving from Mississippi back to Alabama. We moved from Alabama to Mississippi in 2004, twelve years ago this August.

Before we bought the motor home, when we visited Alabama, we stayed in a hotel in Alabama that was near our land.

The motor home served its purpose. It has been fun staying in it. Sometimes I pretended I was on a tour bus, when I went to sleep I was travelling to my next venue for a gospel music concert. It is fun to dream. 

This Saturday will be two weeks since we spent the night for the first time in our new double wide home on our land in Alabama. We spent the night in it for three nights before returning to our home in Mississippi.

Wednesday we came back to Alabama. We were surprised to find that the workers for the mobile home lot we bought our home from had come back and put the skirting up around the mobile home while we were in Mississippi. It was a nice surprise to see that the job was finished.

I will say staying in a motor home though was an adventure. You have to make sure it is level when parked or else you feel like you are going to fall over walking in it. On one of our first trips staying in the RV, it was not level enough. I remember Daddy grilled hot dogs. Once inside he put a hot dog on his plate, sat the plate down to get bread and the hot dog rolled off onto the floor! 

That is just one of the many memories I have treasured in my mind from our adventures in our RV. Now it is parked away from our new home. What adventures awaits it, I do not know. But now the adventure in our new home has begun.

We are not completely moved.
We have a lot left to do, but memories are already being made and the adventures are looking grand. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Girls Raise Your Standards

Young girls use your brain! If he was interested in you he would pursue you. 

Don't be more clingy than saran wrap. Don't let your emotions and hormones cloud your view. 

You are worth being loved by someone who puts you first not someone who throws excuses and flirts with other females.

 No darling he isn't your dream. If he is, raise your standards and learn to value yourself better. 

Tired of seeing confused girls selling themselves short.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Diets Are Hard

Tonight I feel like a bottomless pit. I am craving loads of junk food. I have been doing good at limiting junk food and trying to eat healthier. My problem was I would either eat to much junk food or I would forget to eat and barely eat throughout the day.

I don't have an eating disorder. I simply get busy with other things and do not think about food until my stomach decides to holler at me in the form of growls because it wants to be fed.

Lately I have been drinking more water and gatorade and less Dr. Pepper.  I have cut out most junk food and try to eat twice a day, lunch and supper. With maybe a snack or two throughout the day. I am not much of a breakfast eater. 

I have lost close to fifteen pounds over the past month or so.  Recovering from a brain injury made me less active then normal. Now I am able to be active more often and for longer periods of time. Thank Jesus! 

A couple months ago I began taking a appetite suppressor pill prescribed by my Doctor. After I took the trial fifteen day prescription it was about a month before I got the 30 day prescription filled. I just started back on it yesterday. 

All in all I am beginning to feel better. I wasn't fat but I do have some extra pounds I want to shed. 

Yesterday and today my eating better has been put to the test. I snacked on cheese bugles off and on all day Thursday. For some reason I was craving them.  I also ate  cherry cheesecake ice cream and later that night an ice cream cone.  Friday was not much better. I craved sweets all day so I ate two ice cream cones, several hours a part of course.  At least these moments of eating a lot junk food because I crave it does not happen often.

At 2:30am this morning I began craving junk food and my stomach was rumbling. I was good and ate thin slices of chicken and turkey sandwich meat with sticks of colby jack cheese. It hit the spot and filled me up. I still craved something sweet so I ate one chocolate cream filled oreo. Do you know how hard it is to eat just one Oreo? Haha. 

This blog post may not be interesting to you and it may seem silly, but I want to encourage you. If you are trying to lose weight or simply eat healthier, you can do it. And it is ok if like me you give into your junk food cravings every once in a while. 

Feel free to share your eating healthy adventures in the comments below. 

*Quote graphics found on Pinterest. They  belong to their creators. They do not belong to me. I did not make them. Simply using them in my blog post. I do not take credit for them.*

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Random Ramblings

Today has been a good day.  This afternoon my Parents and I went to Hobby Lobby, Lowes, Wal-Mart, and to Michaels.  While Mama and I went in Wal-Mart, Daddy went next door to Sam's.   Can you believe I only picked up two things in Hobby Lobby?  That is a rarity for me. Usually I have the bottom of a shopping cart covered.  I needed a new bead board for making bracelets, so I picked one up, which happened to be the last one on the shelf, and I chose a pretty string of beads that was 40% off.  Not bad!  Total came to $8.00 even.  Another rarity for me. Usually when I shop at Hobby Lobby I spend over $20, how much over that I refuse to say! Haha.

I may have only found two things at Hobby Lobby, but I made up for it at Michaels.  I still came out good price wise compared to what I usually spend in Michaels.   Today was the first time in a few months that I had been to either store.  It was nice.  I enjoy spending time with my Family.  Oh yeah, for lunch we went to Krystals.  Their steak sandwich is good.  

When we got back home I packaged orders to mail tomorrow and began taking photographs of new jewelry and accessories I have made over the past several weeks.  I look forward to posting the new items on my website soon.  More than likely I would still be taking pictures instead of blogging this post, but the battery on my phone died and I am charging it. It just so happens that my Nikon DSLR camera needs to be charged, and my Nikon point and shoot that takes double AA batteries needs new batteries.  So I decided blogging might be fun. 

Last night I was laying in bed browsing Facebook on my phone before going to sleep. Do you do that? Anyway I decided to take some silly quizzes that are popular to take.  Here are some of the results I thought it would be fun to post them.

When I saw the result I did not know whether to laugh or be sad to begin with! A relationship with my laptop?  Unfortunately that is so accurate it is sad in a way, but funny to. I spend a lot of time on my laptop working on my website, updating my Etsy shops, checking email, searching for jewelry making supplies, and blogging.  I use my laptop for other things besides work, but the majority of my time on my laptop is work related.  Can you relate?

Peppermint? I like peppermint.   I don't know how true the results are thought. Yes I realize these things are just for fun and not very accurate most of the time.    Do you take quizzes on Facebook to relax sometimes?
While typing this post I am trying to decide once I finish the post if I am going to lay down and read, or work on my website some more, I have a lot of jewelry, accessories and DIY Supplies that need to be posted.  If you like feel free to check out my website www.MardiRobyn.com  there is a special coupon code on the main page.
My main reason for going into Wal-Mart today was to buy Christian Comedian Chonda Pierce new DVD "Laughing in the Dark." I have wanted to see this movie since I heard about it. Today was it's release date.  I am looking forward to watching it.  I want to watch it for the first time with my Daddy and Mama since we all like her DVD's, or else I would watch it now.  I may blog about it after I watch it. Would y'all like a review?

Well I am not sure what else to blog about. My flow of thoughts I had in the beginning of this post seem to be coming to an end, I suppose that is a good time to stop blogging for now.  I hope y'all have a good night.  Enjoy your Wednesday tomorrow!
God Bless,

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Depression Hurts, but Don't Give Up.

A lot of times you have to do something you don't feel like doing in order to feel better.  It is not a secret that for the past three almost four years I have battled depression due to a brain injury. I am on medication for depression and it helps a lot but there are still days when I have to make myself get up out of bed and do something. I remember in the beginning getting dressed and putting makeup on was an accomplishment.

Depression is an enemy. It is ugly. It cast shadows over everything in its reach. I would not wish it on the people I dislike the most. It has been a long struggle. I am still battling depression, but because I am living it I can tell you it gets better. The darkest days don't last. I know.

Depression doesn't hound me like it use to. I want to encourage you no matter how much the ton of depression weighs on you GET UP! It is hard. Your body will fight you, your mind will scream. You may panic, sweat and cry tears, you may get angry and throw things or punch a wall because the depression hurts that bad. I have been there... Do not give in!

 Make yourself get up and do something small each day. Doesn't have to be big. Take a walk, dress up, change rooms, do something! No matter how much the depression fights you and it will, you have within you the ability, the power to speak to it and refuse to let it keep you down. Don't give up! Fight with everything in you.

You will get hit around, you will do good and get knocked down, get back up! You are worth it and you can overcome! I know, I myself have gone from holding pills in my hands contemplating ending my life, staring at a knife thinking thoughts of harming myself to staying in bed for days drowning out the world and crying all the time, but I am not there anymore.  It is getting better.

Do not give up!! Fight! God is on your side. If not for Him, my family, Doctor, counselor, speech pathologist who helped me and a few friends I would not have come this far. But it is getting better. I urge you don't give up!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Philippians 4:13 and Music Themed Jewelry

Some of my favorite bracelet bangles and earrings I carry in my shop. I did not make these. They are made by a manufacturer with sells them for resale.  Take a look!

I enjoy wearing my bangle bracelet like this!  It is a reminder that I can do all things through Jesus who gives me strength.
I do not play the guitar, but I like this bracelet!

These are cute!  I like to sing, so of course I wanted to carry these earrings in my shop.

For as long as I can remember I like the style of old-fashion microphones!
To purchase these items you can click on the title under each picture, or go to www.MardiRobyn.com and locate the "New" tab on the menu. These fashion jewelry items were added 3-14-16.
Happy Shopping!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Through Jesus I Have the Victory

Well it happened again....tonight I had a seizure. First one in a couple of months. I am drained from it, and disappointed.  I thought no, I was hoping they were gone for good since it had been a while since I had one.  

I don't know what triggers a seizure in other people, but for me with a brain injury, certain smells can trigger a seizure, like tonight.   I used Hartz Flea and Tick Control Spray on my dog Bama. I sprayed his kennel to kill any fleas or flea eggs that might have been nesting around the kennel floor.  Then I moved his kennel and swept in the corner where his kennel goes.  Another mistake on my part. The fumes became to much and triggered a seizure.  It didn't last a long time like others have. It wasn't as intense as others I have had, but still annoying, and disappointing, but I already said that.

I do not understand why these things still linger.  No matter what lies the devil is trying to fill my mind full of tonight, I choose to believe that God is with me. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.  The devil is a liar.  The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came that I may have life and have it more abundantly.  Jesus came that I may have joy and be happy, not suffer with brain injury symptoms.  

So maybe there are still bumps along the way. Yes, I did have a seizure tonight, but that is one in two months, maybe close to three.  I am getting better.  My strength is in Jesus. My faith will not waver.  I will hold Jesus hand.    The seizure didn't defeat me, I got through it.  Through Jesus I have the victory.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Recent Trip to Alabama in Photos

Thursday my Parents and I left home headed to Alabama for a few days to work on our land, getting it ready to build or put a mobile home on. We have not decided yet.   We ordered pizza from a nearby Pizza Hut on our way out of town for lunch.  It tasted good!

Hey, it's me!  I take a lot of pictures while I am riding on a trip.

We arrived at our land in Alabama right as the sun was setting. Beautiful!

Bama left his paw print in the dirt.

The temperature dropped, so I put on my nice and warm, fleece pink camouflage jacket.


Bama and I were relaxing on the sofa in our RV. Bama was not excited to have his picture taken.

Bama getting ready for bed Thursday night.

Friday morning I woke up to this view, and thought it was a good idea to take a picture of it. I liked the contrast of light and dark from the sun shinning through the cracks around the curtain.

Friday morning, Bama and I were in the truck ready to go into town.
Look at him sporting his blue, service dog vest! 

He looks so happy and proud!

Here is a picture of Bama later in the day, he was tired and ready for a nap.

Friday night we tried out Bama's service dog vest for the first time by going into a Wal-Mart.  Success! He walked around the store like a pro! Good job Bama boy!

Saturday  my Parents, Sister and I went to Pensacola, Florida to get some parts for the RV, and look at mobile homes. We saw some pretty ones.

A door in one of the mobile homes.  I liked the door.

Sunday afternoon on our way to one of my Sisters.

Bama made friends with my two year old great-niece!  I enjoyed spending time with her. She is sweet.  She called me her "best friend," and asked if I could be her best friend. I said yes ma'am!  She told me I was pretty. Babies have a way of making me smile when I need it the most.

The sky was beautiful, as always! God is an amazing Artist!

I wanted a picture with a closer view of the clouds.

It's me again, on Sunday, sitting on the tailgate of my Daddy's truck.


Such a peaceful view!
This Marvin's store in Monroeville, Alabama, was once a Winn-Dixie. When my Parents and I lived in Excel, Alabama up until 2004, we went to the Winn-Dixie there to shop for our groceries.

Farmer's Home Furniture, and Tractor Supply Co, in Monroeville, Alabama was once Wal-Mart.  My Parents and I would go to the Wal-Mart to shop when we lived in Excel, Alabama.
Bama was looking at the farm equipment in the parking lot of Tractor Supply.

Sunday night, back in the RV. Bama was sleepy.

Nap time!

Monday morning!

Monday night, it's time to head home to Mississippi.

Bama looks annoyed that I was taking his picture.
I enjoyed my time in Alabama.
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