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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Dollar Tree Christmas Decorations

A few weeks ago my Mama and I went to Dollar Tree to look around.

I like shopping at Dollar Tree Stores.

The employees at this particular stores were still stocking Christmas decorations.

I took pictures of some that I liked the best.

Cute snowman! It made me think of one of my sisters. She collects snowmen decorations.

I really liked the candy cane decorations.

The garland was cute. Especially the green with the candy canes and the white with the snowmen.

I thought this penguin ornament to hang on a Christmas tree was cute.

Another cute snowman!

I look forward to decorating for Christmas this year.

If you would like to see the Christmas decorations I bought during this shopping trip, please check out my Dollar Tree Haul on my YouTube channel. Search for "Mardi Robyn."

Since the trip above my Mama and I went to a Dollar Tree in Florida and I bought a few more Christmas decorations and did a Dollar Tree shopping haul of my purchases and uploaded that video to my YouTube channel as well. I would like it very much if you checked out those videos on my channel.

I look forward to shopping at a Dollar Tree after Thanksgiving for more Christmas decorations. I am excited about decorating for Christmas this year.

My family and I have four Christmas trees. A regular green one. A white tree with pre strung blue lights I bought for my Mama last year because she had mentioned she thought a white Christmas tree with blue lights was pretty. Next we have a four foot black Christmas tree that I like to decorate with Alabama themed ornaments, and lastly I have a three or four foot light blue tree that I bought some years back to go in my bedroom.

Do y'all like decorating for Christmas? Are you excited to decorate? When do you start decorating, before or after Thanksgiving? My family and I will decorate after Thanksgiving. We have to locate the tree boxes, totes and boxes of our Christmas ornaments. I know where they are, it is a matter of moving unpacked boxes to get to them!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

My First Time Shopping at JoAnn's Craft Store

A few weeks ago I went to a JoAnn's Craft store for the first time.  My Bama went with my Parents and I and stayed in the truck with my Daddy while my Mama and I went inside to shop. My Daddy likes to stay in his truck and read a book on his kindle when Mama and I go in craft stores.

 This is the JoAnn store that we went to in Pensacola, Florida.  It is a big store. 

 I decided to take a picture of myself while going down one of the aisles of yarn. JoAnn's has a lot of pretty yarn to choose from. 

 Howdy, it's me again! 

Look at how soft this yarn looks, it feels even softer then it looks. 

 While at JoAnn's I wanted to look at the Christmas decorations they had stocked for sale. I did not buy any, but I enjoyed looking at them.  

 I thought this chocolate covered strawberry Christmas ornament was cute.
 Pizza and a Hotdog Christmas Ornaments.

 The piano was one of my favorite Christmas ornaments they had.

 So was the microphone. 

 I liked the cassette tape Christmas ornaments too. 

I liked the Stereo Christmas ornament. It reminds me of a pendant for jewelry making I have. At least I think I still have it. If so I am going to turn it into a Christmas ornament.

 I thought this Elephant Christmas ornament was cute. Reminded me of my favorite College football team. Roll Tide!! 

 I liked the earphones Christmas ornaments, the pretty colors were sparkling.

 This Rottweiler Christmas ornament reminded me of the Rottweiler Mandy my nephew owned. She was sweet, sassy, spoiled and a diva! 

 I thought this mouse Christmas ornament was cute, but wondered who would want a mouse ornament on their Christmas tree. I sent this picture to one of my friends and asked him the same question, he replied "You." I smiled, I realized he was right. 

 I liked this squirrel Christmas ornament. I have one similar I bought at another store years ago.

I took a picture of the Unicorn Christmas ornament because it was cute, and because one of my sisters likes unicorns. She use to collect unicorn figurines. 

I may not have bought any Christmas ornaments at JoAnn's but, I did buy some items. If you would like to see what I purchased, please watch my YouTube video by clicking here or watching below!  Thank you! 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

New Beads for Mardi Robyn Supplies

Last week a new shipment of beads came in. I had a Instagram sale Saturday night on my Instagram account @MardiRobynSupplies There are still a lot of pretty beads available to purchase on that account, like these 18mm resin peppermint beads.

Sparkling Icicles 8mm Glass Beads.

8mm Dark Cherry Red Glass Beads.

10mm Lavender Sugar Plum Glass Beads.

10mm Sparkling Princess Pink Glass Beads.

10mm Sparkling Green Glass Beads.

10mm Christmas Candy Apple Red Glass Beads.

10mm Christmas Tree Green Glass Beads.

10mm Blue Christmas Glass Beads.

10mm Frosty Light Blue Glass Beads.

12mm Pink Christmas Tree Glass Beads.

10mm Pearl Silver Bells Glass Beads.

8mm Snow White Christmas Glass Beads.

All of these beads can be purchased through my Instagram shop @MardiRobynSupplies. I will add them to my website soon.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Suicidal Thoughts? Don't Give Up.

I shared this on my Facebook page Wednesday night, and posted it on my YouTube channel tonight. I wanted to share it here on my blog as well. It is my prayer that my testimony encourages you.

The link the Derek Hough's Video Below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kr-O...

 I am not associated with this video. I do not know Derek Hough or any of the actors, actresses or producers of the video. I watched it and it spoke to my heart and inspired me to share my story on my Facebook, YouTube Channel and now on my blog.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Shopping Trip with my Mama and Sister

Saturday a week ago my Mama, one of my two older sisters and myself went on a shopping trip in Pensacola, Florida.  I had a fun time!

On our way to Pensacola, we passed a deer farm in Berrydale, Florida.  I don't know if you can zoom in to see the deer or not.  The place is full of deer.  They have hayrides that you can go on and feed the deer. I would love to do that one day. 

I took a picture of the water as we drove over a bridge.

At Cordova Mall we went into a jewelry store Zales, for my sister to get something done to her wedding ring. Look at the wedding bands! Can you see the camouflage man's ring in the back? 

More wedding bands for men. These were Titanium.  I enjoyed looking at the jewelry, but I will admit looking at the wedding rings for men and women gave me wedding fever. 

After the jewelry store we went in the Shoe Department store in the mall. I need to buy new tennis shoes, but I was not sure which style I wanted so I took pictures to help me decide. I will either order a pair online, or go back to the store and buy them. Which pair do you think?  I liked this Sketchers pair because it is colorful.
 I like this pair of tennis shoes because of the camouflage and the mint colors.

 I like this tennis shoe for the same reason, camouflage and mint, but I think I like the pair above the best. Which of the two do you like the best? 

Can you guess why I like this pair?  Alabama colors of course! 

 I doubt I would buy this pair, but they are cute and colorful.

These I like because they are basic colors black and white, and the style is simple.

 We stopped by Kay's Jewelers to see the Chocolate Diamonds! Oh my! They are even more prettier in person!
Very pretty!

Lovely! I already have wedding fever when I walked in Zales. Walking in Kay's Jewelers intensified the desire to get married! 

 On the way out of the Mall we saw this big airplane. The airport is not far from the Mall. It was neat to see. 

After leaving the Mall we were hungry. We ate lunch at "Five Guys Burgers and Fries." This was my Mama and I's first time eating there. The food was good. I especially liked the fries. 

After eating we went to Ulta, I bought two eyeliners one espresso brown, and one white. I did a video haul on my YouTube Channel if you are interested in watching it. It contains items from the other stores I bought items from that I will talk about farther in this post. Click Here for the YouTube video.

 Next we went to Michael's. I bought a few things, If you would like to see what you can watch my YouTube video I linked above.

 After Michael's we went to Hobby Lobby. I bought a few items there. This globe caught my attention. I did not buy it. I wouldn't pay $40 for something so small, but isn't it cool! 

After we left Hobby Lobby we went to Sam's Club. Look at the jukebox! I want one! I prefer one with colorful neon lights like the old fashion jukeboxes but, I wouldn't turn this one down either! 

 Look at this incubator! I was born 2 1/2 months premature and lived in one of these for thirty days! The incubator is from Sacred Heart Hospital where I was born. Every night they come to Sam's Club and collect the money that has been donated inside the incubator. 100% of the money goes to their cause.  

 I am pretty sure I remember this tree from when I went to Sam's Club in Pensacola, Florida with my Parents as I was growing up.

 Look's the same now as it did the last time I was there as a teenager.

 On our way home we stopped at a Sonic. I was not hungry, but I did order a chocolate coffee twist. That may not be the correct name. 

 It sure did taste good! 

My outfit for the day was representing my favorite college football team, Roll Tide!

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