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Monday, January 21, 2019

I'll Take Jesus

August 2013.

I have tried the worlds pleasures they didn't satisfy me. The world left me empty, searching for more. I am going back to my first love, Jesus.  He is everything I need. His ways are pure and best. In Him I am blessed, safe, secure, comforted and warm.  I want to go home, back to my roots, my foundation. To the place I am most happy.  I have had my taste of worldly pleasures, they didn't satisfy me.

I am going back to my first love, back where I belong. I am going back to Jesus. Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!! He alone satisfies me until I overflow. 

As the song sings "I'll take Jesus, I'll take Jesus, I've tried those earthly pleasures and they fade.."

Throwback Post: Rhinestone Tweezers

This was my first time adding rhinestones to a pair of tweezers. I liked how they turned out so much I kept them for myself.

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These bracelets were fun to make. I used chain and ponytail holders to make cute bracelets that also turned into fashionable pony tail holders!

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