. Mardi Robyn: DIY Keychain Holder Display Mardi Robyn: DIY Keychain Holder Display

Friday, June 9, 2017

DIY Keychain Holder Display

In April of this year I set up a booth at the Strawberry Festival in Castleberry, Alabama. I needed displays for my jewelry and accessories, so I went to Pinterest to find a tutorials for making displays.  I found a display for earrings and thought it would be perfect to modify the display to use for displaying my handmade keychains.  


1. Flower Vases.
2. Wooden Dowels. 
3. Glass Stones. 
4. Cloths Pins. 


I filled the flower vases half way with decorative glass stones, next I sat a wooden dowel in the center of the vase and added more glass stones around it to hold the dowel in place.  Next I added cloths pins to the wooden dowels. 

For this display I added more cloths pins. 
 One display filled with my keychains!

Second Keychain Holder Display. 

Simple, easy DIY Project to help make display tables at festivals look nice and organized. 

(Credit: My inspiration for this idea can be found here.)

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