. Mardi Robyn: Depression You are Defeated Mardi Robyn: Depression You are Defeated

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Depression You are Defeated

My unwelcome enemy.
You are not my friend.
I hate you.

You ease your way into my day.
I wake up with your shadow looming
over me threatening to drown out the
joyous sunlight of my day.

You follow me everywhere I go.
You laugh at me.
You mock me.
You make me tired.
I feel weak from fighting.
You are a stupid feeling.
Go away.

You make me feel lonely.
Guilty without cause.

You have tried to become my norm.
But you are not my norm.
You are a worm.

A spineless coward who preys on the innocent,
the hurt, the abandoned,
the sick and the weak.

But I am not weak.
I am not abandoned.
I was sick, but I am alive.

You depression are full of lies.
You have robbed me long enough.
I am a child of God.
I matter.
I am victorious.
Your dark presence is not my fate.
I have no need to be sad.
You can't steal my joy.

You are a fraud. A thief. A terror.
My enemy. You are defeated.
You have no place in my life.
I belong to Jesus.
Greater is He that is in my than any of your foolishness.

I am tired of feeling lonely.
I have family and friends. I am not alone.

I am tired of sadness. Why should I be sad?
I am tired of feeling empty.
The Holy Spirit lives in me, I am not empty.
I am tired of feeling torn.
Through Christ I am made whole.
I am tired of feeling unworthy.
I am redeemed and worthy through my Jesus.
I am tired of feeling discouraged.
I am not friendless.
I have friends.
I am not where I want to be
But I am farther than I was.

Depression you are my enemy.
You do not control me.
You may be attacking my mind, and my body, but you are trespassing on a child of God.

From this day forward I am fighting you harder than ever before.
You depression are a loser.
I am tired of you hurting me and hurting my family and friends.

My familiar enemy.
You are not welcome here.
Go away, in Jesus name.


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