. Mardi Robyn: Weekend Fun in Alabama Mardi Robyn: Weekend Fun in Alabama

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Weekend Fun in Alabama

Last Friday my Parents and I went to our home in Alabama to work on getting it ready to move to.  Saturday and Sunday my Uncle came down from Florida to help my Daddy finish putting up fence for our horse pasture. 

My Daddy is the man in the camouflage shirt.  I enjoy watching my Daddy and his brother together. They like to reminiscence over their childhood and young adult days.  As you can tell my boots were captured in the picture. I was sitting on top of the toolbox on my Daddy's truck.

They spent hours Saturday and Sunday working hard to get the fence finished. I am thankful for them. 

Both Saturday and Sunday were beautiful days. The sun was bright and warm.

Bama loves to go for a ride in our UTV so I told him to load up. See the smile on his face!  

 I like red dirt roads. Bama and I did not ride far from our house or gone for a long time, but the short ride was just what I needed. It made me feel better.

 Bindi was happy to see us when we arrived home. I would have taken her with us, but the older she gets the more she does not like riding in the UTV. I do not know why, because when she was smaller she road almost everytime Bama and I would go for a ride.

Sunday morning I woke up, get myself ready for the day and drove the UTV into the horse pasture where my Daddy and Uncle Buddy were busy working on the fence. I was impressed with the progress they had made in the couple of hours they had already been working on it that morning. 

 Bindi was happy to see me.  I love her smile! 
Spending most of the weekend outside was good for me. I enjoyed it. 
Daddy and Uncle Buddy had stopped to take a much needed break! 

 I love these two!

Daddy, Mama, Uncle Buddy and I decided to take a break and go into town for two reasons. We needed more curved nails to connect the wire and the metal posts, plus it was lunchtime and we were hungry.  

 Our first stop, Tractor Supply. I needed to go to the dog section to get Bama a new collar, of course I had to stop on the aisle where the halters for horses are. Look at all the pretty colors! I have not decided yet, what color I want for my horse Dixie Robyn. I am leaning towards the sky blue on the top shelf by the purple, or the light pink on the bottom shelf. 

 On our way to the checkout I saw this toy black horse with a white streak, like my horse Sunshine! My Daddy bought it for me. I am a Daddy's girl. Thank you Daddy! (I am a Mama's girl to by the way!) 

After we left Tractor Supply we went through the drive through at Whataburger. I had been craving a hamburger from their since the night before.  It was good!  We took the long way home, and ate in the truck while enjoying the scenery and a lot of talk and laughs.

 My Bama loves the outdoors.

 So does my Bindi. 

Mama and I spent most of the evening outside with my Daddy and Uncle helping them when they needed it. While we say in the UTV, I took pictures of my sweet dogs. 

Happy puppy. I know she is tall, but she is a puppy. She is only seven months old!

Sunday afternoon at 4:31p.m. the fence was complete! I know because I looked at the clock when they finished securing the fence wire to the last post.  I am thankful for my Daddy and Uncle Buddy's hard work on the fence.  It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing how much I am loved. They would not have put the fence up, if they did not love me, considering the pasture is for my horses.  I had a wonderful weekend spent with my family.  I am blessed. Thank you Jesus for your endless blessings on me and my family.

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