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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Foggy Morning

It is a foggy Sunday morning here in Mississippi. My first glance outside made me think this was going to be a dreary day. The longer I stood gazing outside at the foggy scene I began to see the beauty of the morning. A bird singing even though the fog is thick and the leaves on the trees are wet.

Sunlight peaked in through gray clouds. It is a beautiful sight after all.  It reminds me that even in the gloomy fog of depression there is always some little sparkle of hope if you look long enough. It is those moments that give you a little brightness, and remind you that you still have some courage left to carry on.


  1. I love the way you are able to the good in a situation. It is a very good quality to have. :-)

    Oh, and btw, just to show that there is a GKC for everything it seems, your post reminded me of one on fogs from his book on Charles Dickens. lol.

    "There is a current prejudice against fogs, and Dickens, perhaps, is their only poet. Considered hygienically, no doubt this may be more or less excusable. But, considered poetically, fog is not undeserving, it has a real significance. We have in our great cities abolished the clean and sane darkness of the country. We have outlawed night and sent her wandering in wild meadows; we have lit eternal watch-fires against her return. We have made a new cosmos, and as a consequence our own sun and stars. And as a consequence also, and most justly, we have made our own darkness. Just as every lamp is a warm human moon, so every fog is a rich human nightfall. If it were not for this mystic accident we should never see darkness, and he who has never seen darkness has never seen the sun. Fog for us is the chief form of that outward pressure which compresses mere luxury into real comfort. It makes the world small, in the same spirit as in that common and happy cry that the world is small, meaning that it is full of friends. The first man that emerges out of the mist with a light, is for us Prometheus, a saviour bringing fire to men. He is that greatest and best of all men, greater than the heroes, better than the saints, Man Friday. Every rumble of a cart, every cry in the distance, marks the heart of humanity beating undaunted in the darkness. It is wholly human; man toiling in his own cloud. If real darkness is like the embrace of God, this is the dark embrace of man."

    -GKC, "Charles Dickens" (1906)

    The statement "he who has never seen darkness has never seen the sun" sounds like it could be a good metaphor, come to think of it...

  2. Thank you Mike for both the compliment and GKC writing. I like it. I agree, that could be a good metaphor. :)


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