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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Random Ramblings

Today has been a good day.  This afternoon my Parents and I went to Hobby Lobby, Lowes, Wal-Mart, and to Michaels.  While Mama and I went in Wal-Mart, Daddy went next door to Sam's.   Can you believe I only picked up two things in Hobby Lobby?  That is a rarity for me. Usually I have the bottom of a shopping cart covered.  I needed a new bead board for making bracelets, so I picked one up, which happened to be the last one on the shelf, and I chose a pretty string of beads that was 40% off.  Not bad!  Total came to $8.00 even.  Another rarity for me. Usually when I shop at Hobby Lobby I spend over $20, how much over that I refuse to say! Haha.

I may have only found two things at Hobby Lobby, but I made up for it at Michaels.  I still came out good price wise compared to what I usually spend in Michaels.   Today was the first time in a few months that I had been to either store.  It was nice.  I enjoy spending time with my Family.  Oh yeah, for lunch we went to Krystals.  Their steak sandwich is good.  

When we got back home I packaged orders to mail tomorrow and began taking photographs of new jewelry and accessories I have made over the past several weeks.  I look forward to posting the new items on my website soon.  More than likely I would still be taking pictures instead of blogging this post, but the battery on my phone died and I am charging it. It just so happens that my Nikon DSLR camera needs to be charged, and my Nikon point and shoot that takes double AA batteries needs new batteries.  So I decided blogging might be fun. 

Last night I was laying in bed browsing Facebook on my phone before going to sleep. Do you do that? Anyway I decided to take some silly quizzes that are popular to take.  Here are some of the results I thought it would be fun to post them.

When I saw the result I did not know whether to laugh or be sad to begin with! A relationship with my laptop?  Unfortunately that is so accurate it is sad in a way, but funny to. I spend a lot of time on my laptop working on my website, updating my Etsy shops, checking email, searching for jewelry making supplies, and blogging.  I use my laptop for other things besides work, but the majority of my time on my laptop is work related.  Can you relate?

Peppermint? I like peppermint.   I don't know how true the results are thought. Yes I realize these things are just for fun and not very accurate most of the time.    Do you take quizzes on Facebook to relax sometimes?
While typing this post I am trying to decide once I finish the post if I am going to lay down and read, or work on my website some more, I have a lot of jewelry, accessories and DIY Supplies that need to be posted.  If you like feel free to check out my website www.MardiRobyn.com  there is a special coupon code on the main page.
My main reason for going into Wal-Mart today was to buy Christian Comedian Chonda Pierce new DVD "Laughing in the Dark." I have wanted to see this movie since I heard about it. Today was it's release date.  I am looking forward to watching it.  I want to watch it for the first time with my Daddy and Mama since we all like her DVD's, or else I would watch it now.  I may blog about it after I watch it. Would y'all like a review?

Well I am not sure what else to blog about. My flow of thoughts I had in the beginning of this post seem to be coming to an end, I suppose that is a good time to stop blogging for now.  I hope y'all have a good night.  Enjoy your Wednesday tomorrow!
God Bless,

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