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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Diets Are Hard

Tonight I feel like a bottomless pit. I am craving loads of junk food. I have been doing good at limiting junk food and trying to eat healthier. My problem was I would either eat to much junk food or I would forget to eat and barely eat throughout the day.

I don't have an eating disorder. I simply get busy with other things and do not think about food until my stomach decides to holler at me in the form of growls because it wants to be fed.

Lately I have been drinking more water and gatorade and less Dr. Pepper.  I have cut out most junk food and try to eat twice a day, lunch and supper. With maybe a snack or two throughout the day. I am not much of a breakfast eater. 

I have lost close to fifteen pounds over the past month or so.  Recovering from a brain injury made me less active then normal. Now I am able to be active more often and for longer periods of time. Thank Jesus! 

A couple months ago I began taking a appetite suppressor pill prescribed by my Doctor. After I took the trial fifteen day prescription it was about a month before I got the 30 day prescription filled. I just started back on it yesterday. 

All in all I am beginning to feel better. I wasn't fat but I do have some extra pounds I want to shed. 

Yesterday and today my eating better has been put to the test. I snacked on cheese bugles off and on all day Thursday. For some reason I was craving them.  I also ate  cherry cheesecake ice cream and later that night an ice cream cone.  Friday was not much better. I craved sweets all day so I ate two ice cream cones, several hours a part of course.  At least these moments of eating a lot junk food because I crave it does not happen often.

At 2:30am this morning I began craving junk food and my stomach was rumbling. I was good and ate thin slices of chicken and turkey sandwich meat with sticks of colby jack cheese. It hit the spot and filled me up. I still craved something sweet so I ate one chocolate cream filled oreo. Do you know how hard it is to eat just one Oreo? Haha. 

This blog post may not be interesting to you and it may seem silly, but I want to encourage you. If you are trying to lose weight or simply eat healthier, you can do it. And it is ok if like me you give into your junk food cravings every once in a while. 

Feel free to share your eating healthy adventures in the comments below. 

*Quote graphics found on Pinterest. They  belong to their creators. They do not belong to me. I did not make them. Simply using them in my blog post. I do not take credit for them.*

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