. Mardi Robyn: Depression Hurts, but Don't Give Up. Mardi Robyn: Depression Hurts, but Don't Give Up.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Depression Hurts, but Don't Give Up.

A lot of times you have to do something you don't feel like doing in order to feel better.  It is not a secret that for the past three almost four years I have battled depression due to a brain injury. I am on medication for depression and it helps a lot but there are still days when I have to make myself get up out of bed and do something. I remember in the beginning getting dressed and putting makeup on was an accomplishment.

Depression is an enemy. It is ugly. It cast shadows over everything in its reach. I would not wish it on the people I dislike the most. It has been a long struggle. I am still battling depression, but because I am living it I can tell you it gets better. The darkest days don't last. I know.

Depression doesn't hound me like it use to. I want to encourage you no matter how much the ton of depression weighs on you GET UP! It is hard. Your body will fight you, your mind will scream. You may panic, sweat and cry tears, you may get angry and throw things or punch a wall because the depression hurts that bad. I have been there... Do not give in!

 Make yourself get up and do something small each day. Doesn't have to be big. Take a walk, dress up, change rooms, do something! No matter how much the depression fights you and it will, you have within you the ability, the power to speak to it and refuse to let it keep you down. Don't give up! Fight with everything in you.

You will get hit around, you will do good and get knocked down, get back up! You are worth it and you can overcome! I know, I myself have gone from holding pills in my hands contemplating ending my life, staring at a knife thinking thoughts of harming myself to staying in bed for days drowning out the world and crying all the time, but I am not there anymore.  It is getting better.

Do not give up!! Fight! God is on your side. If not for Him, my family, Doctor, counselor, speech pathologist who helped me and a few friends I would not have come this far. But it is getting better. I urge you don't give up!


  1. God bless you, Mardi, for giving such an encouraging message that many people need to hear. I can't even begin to imagine how difficult such a cross may be to bear...but since you have indeed experienced it, your words will be all the more a channel of blessing for others who need all the encouragement they can get....

  2. Thank you Mike, God Bless you! Your words of encouragement mean a lot to me.


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