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Monday, January 11, 2016

Learning to Walk with Jesus

My youngest great niece is one years old and started taking tiny steps on her own after Christmas.

Last week she and I were walking around in the den, I was holding her hand. I beamed with pride and laughed with her laughter. She was happy and proud of herself to be walking. There were times she would hold my hand tightly when she was unsure. As her confidence rose she would barely hold my hand. Then I noticed she let go of my hand and lightly held onto one of my pants legs as I slowly walked beside her. 

When she worked up her determination she would let go and walk a few steps laughing that sweet giggle that is music to my ears. She was happy with herself.

She will take small walks from one person to the next, or from one side of the den to the other side. After she has had enough walking for a while she will crawl some more.

I love her determination and independence when she decides to let go and take off on her own.

There are times she will fall on her butt or become wobbly and will sit down.  She doesn't get mad. Instead she laughs about it.  We can pick her up and tell her it's ok, good try and encourage her to try it again and she will, laughing when she realizes she did it! She walked to her destination! 

While walking with her last week I felt so much love for her, here is a precious baby, a gift from God to not only her Parents but our entire family and I have the privilege of being her Great Aunt and watching her learn and grow.  It was in this moment that God showed me a perfect picture in my mind. 

God loves it when we walk with Him. He takes pride and pleasure in watching us grow. When we mess up, He doesn't throw His hands up and say well that does it she or he can't learn to walk right. No, He lovingly encourages us to get up, try it again and walk with Him. He even holds are hands when we need Him to.

O the joy He feels when we take His hand and let Him teach us how to walk in His love and plan for our lives.

I delight in watching my great niece. I cannot begin to fathom how God must feel. As much as I love my niece and find joy loving her and watching her grow, God in His awesome, glorious majesty delights in watching us grow, and walk with Him. We are His children, created in His image.  Think about that and let it sink into your soul. 

Walk with Jesus. He is waiting for you to take His hand. O the adventures that awaits us when we let Jesus teach us how to walk!

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