. Mardi Robyn: I Am Truly Blessed Mardi Robyn: I Am Truly Blessed

Monday, January 18, 2016

I Am Truly Blessed

I am blessed. I don't focus on that enough. I stress to much. I worry to much. I over analyze almost everything. I think I have to be superwoman. Handle everything. Make things work, be in control. All that leads to is a mess. I should have learned by now. 

God doesn't want us to carry the weight of our problems or problems we create in our minds that aren't real. We are suppose to give our cares to Him. 

Often times I worry about nothing, when I find out there wasn't a problem where I tried to create one I sigh, laugh, then frown and shake my head thinking "well, I did it again."

 I want to make a bigger effort to focus on not stressing. When it comes down to it my blessings outweigh my problems. I am truly blessed.


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