. Mardi Robyn: Meet Ginger Robyn Mardi Robyn: Meet Ginger Robyn

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Meet Ginger Robyn

Meet Ginger Robyn!  Dixie Sunshine gave birth to this beautiful baby filly near the end of July. Isn't she beautiful?  My Parents and I named her Ginger Robyn, because she walks and plays in a graceful and playful manner that reminds me of the classic movie star Ginger Rogers.  Ginger fits because the brown on her is ginger in color, and Robyn is my middle name. 
I was able to be with Sunshine during the biggest part of labor. I got the awesome experience of watching as Ginger Robyn came into this world.
It was awesome to sit on the ground and pet Sunshine while Ginger Robyn made her entrance into this world.   When I was able to get to Sunshine, Ginger Robyn's head had not broke through the placenta yet.   Like I said, it was an awesome experience!

Isn't she lovely!

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