. Mardi Robyn: Monday's Adventure Mardi Robyn: Monday's Adventure

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Monday's Adventure

Monday I had a Doctors appointment with my Physiatrist. He specializes in brain injuries. The visit went well, since I had been having seizures more frequently and they were more intense, my Dcotor increased my medication dose for the medicine I take to prevent seizures. So far, so good. It has been two days, almost three since I had a seizure. Thank you Jesus! 

After my appointment, my Parents and I decided to drive a short distance to the nearest Ulta! I was excited. I shop on their website, but Monday was the first time actually shopping in one of their stores. 
As you can see from my shopping bag, I took advantage of the trip! I may post about the items I purchased at a later date, or do a haul video.

My bag was stuffed with goodies!

After shopping, my Parents and I ate at P.F Changs. They have delicious food!

I like the statue of a horse outside their building. There was another one on the opposite side of the building.

Isn't he cute! 

We started off with lettuce wrap appetizers. Yummy! They taste good!

I ordered some kind of chicken and fried rice, maybe I cannot remember the name, but it had pineapples cooked in it. Also delicious.

How has y'all's week been so far?  


  1. Posting pictures of food that others cannot partake of should be illegal. Just sayin' lol.


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