. Mardi Robyn: Yay! It's the Weekend Mardi Robyn: Yay! It's the Weekend

Friday, September 25, 2015

Yay! It's the Weekend

This week has been very busy with Dcotors appointments and speech therapy. To be honest I am tired!  I am not comparing though, I am thankful for the wonderful team of individuals who God is using to help me recover from a traumatic brain injury and heal completely.

How has y'all's week been? I am looking forward to resting over the weekend. Tonight I have several orders from my jewelry shop and jewelry making and supply shop to package, and I have several invoices to send out from sales on Instagram during the week. It sounds busy, but it isn't that bad. I will probably turn on some music or an old movie while I work, or maybe just enjoy the peace and quiet.

How do you plan on spending your Friday night?  


  1. Hi Mardi,

    I came across this article on Jane Austen, and thought you might be interested in it. :-)


  2. I thought I replied to this? What the blue blazes? lol Sorry I didn't, I thought I did. Thanks for the article!!


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