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Monday, August 17, 2015

Hello Blog World

I have missed you....  No, really I have!

See my excitement?  Ok, so this picture was taken earlier in the summer, but it does convey my happiness to be blogging again.  I am responsible for having stopped, but, I am back now! 
Over the past few years it has been all to easy for me to switch from blogging to Facebook, Instagram and text messaging. Oops!  I found out I miss blogging, so I am going to try to make it a part of my weekly routine once more.  I realize I have said this in the past, but maybe it will stick this time. (I have probably said that too!)
A lot has happened since my last blog post, which was in May I believe, to announce the birth of my new horse Cupcake. My youngest nephew named her, and it fits. I like to think of her as my Red Velvet Cupcake. Doesn't the name fit?
This picture was taken a day or two after she was born. She will be three months old August 27th so she is much bigger now. I don't have a recent picture on my computer, but I do on my phone so I will blog it later on.
Last month, July 28th between 9:30 pm and 10:00 pm, my horse Sunshine gave birth to a beautiful filly, we named Ginger Robyn.  She is Cupcakes sister, since they have the same Father, but different Mothers.   Ginger Robyn is a beautiful paint horse.  She is white with ginger color patches. She loves to dance around, and has a graceful, delicate, yet spirited movement when she dances around. We decided Ginger Robyn fit, instead of Ginger Rogers like the dancer. Ginger for her color, and Robyn after my middle name.  I do not have a picture on my computer of her, but I have a lot on my phone, I will upload one later on as well.  
Hmmm let's see, there is a lot that has happened between my last post in May and now, as I stated, but at the moment I need to print off paid invoice receipts and package orders to mail out today.  If you are interested in buy jewelry and accessories, or DIY jewelry and craft supplies I would love it if you visited my etsy shop (http://etsy.com/shop/MardiRobyn) or followed me on Instagram @MardiRobyn and @MardiRobynSupplies   the latter has over 700 supplies posted and available for sale!
Happy Day,


  1. So, what you're saying is that you haven't been doing any blogging because you've been horsing around too much to do so? :-)

    1. Ah, um...well since you put it that way..lol! Thanks Mister! :)

  2. So, um....Just curious. Are any of your horses related to Mr. Ed. Have any of them "talked" to you? :-)

  3. Oh, btw, just came across this picture I thought you might like :-)



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