. Mardi Robyn: Anti-Stress Face Mask with Dead Sea Minerals Mardi Robyn: Anti-Stress Face Mask with Dead Sea Minerals

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Anti-Stress Face Mask with Dead Sea Minerals

Tonight I decided to try this Facial Anti-Stress Mask Dead Sea Minerals by Freeman. I purchased it from www.Ulta.com a couple months ago.

A smurf? No. The Cookie Monster? I do like chocolate chip cookies!  It's a blue face mask! I like the color.

Unlike some face masks I have used, you don't have to wet your face before applying the blue cream.  Simply smooth the cream on your face and neck, be careful to avoid getting it in your eyes.  Let it sit until it drys and wash it off with warm water. I used a wash cloth to wipe it off. I always make a mess splashing water on my face to remove face masks or face wash like in commercials.

I like Freemans Anti-Stress Dead Sea Mineral Face Mask. I could feel the stress an tension leaving as the lavender and other ingredients in the face mask did their job. This face mask not only helps relieve stress but it clears pores and smooths your skin.  The directions on the tube instruct one to use the face mask twice a week or as needed. I have found a new face mask I like. I will definitely use it again and again.  Have you tried this product or any other face masks recently? What is your favorite?

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