. Mardi Robyn: Miss Dixie Sunshine Mardi Robyn: Miss Dixie Sunshine

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Miss Dixie Sunshine

    August 10th my Parents and I went to a horse ranch to look at a black and white gelding paint horse.  He was pretty, but when I saw him I knew he wasn't the one for me.  Instead this beauty caught my eye from the road as we pulled into the ranch driveway. 

I believe God said "Mardi, she's the horse for you." I also believe He let the horse know I was going to be her new owner because we had a connection from the start.  

While we were getting out of our vehicle, this beautiful mare came to the pasture fence nearest us and let out a beautiful neigh and shook her head up and down, as if to say, "I'm here! Pick me!"  She stared at us the entire time we were looking at the gelding and talking to the owner of the horse ranch.

Upon inquiring about this beautiful mare, the owners got her out of the pasture and demonstrated how well behaved she was and easy to ride.  The older gentleman who owns the ranch let me ride her, he lead me around and showed me how to steer the reigns.  She was smooth and easy to ride. I felt comfortable on her instantly.  We made sure to tell the man about my dirt bike accident and head injury, and that I needed a horse that was well trained and easy to ride, one that would train me to ride since I did not have any experience riding a horse by myself.  He was kind and understood the situation and said in his opinion this horse was perfect fit.   My parents and I agreed. We signed the papers and agreed to bring our horse trailer the next day and pick up my horse!

Monday, August 11th, we brought home my eight year old American quarter horse. Excited does not begin to describe how happy I was.
A few days after we brought her home, we loaded her back up into the horse trailer and took her to our Vet for a check-up to make sure she was healthy.  She did great at the Vet.  The Vet drew blood for the coggins test, and gave her a shot, she didn't mind at all.  The vet even dug her fingers into her ears to check for ticks.  I was impressed at how well my horse behaved.
It was at the Vet that I decided to name my new horse, Dixie Sunshine, thanks to the help of my Parents and Sister.  The name fits her well.

I love Miss Dixie Sunshine. It did not take long for us to bond. Each day the bond increases. She is a wonderful horse.  

Look at how beautiful she is!

She likes to prance around in the pasture and show off for us and my other two horses.

I enjoy taking her out to play with her and let her eat grass in the yard. She has grass in the horse pasture, but you know the saying, "The grass looks greener on the other side of the fence."

I like this picture of my three horses. I took this the first day we let Sunshine out in the pasture with Shiloh and Shy'Anne.

Such a beautiful girl.

I like how her coat shines.

My sweet Dixie Sunshine.
On Labor Day my Daddy and I saddled her up. Isn't she pretty!  I didn't realize that she stuck her tongue out at me until later that evening when I was looking at the pictures I had taken. 
Thank God and my Parents for Miss Dixie Sunshine, our adventure is just beginning!


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