. Mardi Robyn: A Lesson from my Horse Mardi Robyn: A Lesson from my Horse

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Lesson from my Horse

Saturday I let my horses Shiloh and Shy'Anne out on the grass pasture. My Daddy planted it a few weeks ago and it had grown enough to let the horses on it for a few hours.

The gate to the horse pasture connects to the grass pasture. As I opened it I called Shiloh and Shy'Anne. They heard my unlock the chain on the gate and came running around the barn. Shy'Anne was so excited she wasted no time running through the open gate and frolicking on the grass. Shiloh on the other hand stopped just outside the gate and looked at me questioning if he could go through the gate. It wasn't until I told him "Shiloh go on, it's ok" that he went through. 

Later that night it hit me. How many times have I seen God open a gate for me, standing there smiling waiting for me to run through and enjoy the green grass of His blessings and instead I stopped outside the gate and ask if He is serious, if it's really for me.  It is amazing the lessons God will teach me through my animals. 

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