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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Throwback Posts: Standing Strong

I wrote the following in 2004 when I was seventeen.

When dreams seem to shatter,

Plans seem to fall

Time seems to fade before it begins

Hearts are let down

Hope grows dim

In this world we live in.

With all of the chaos

All of the sin

There is a God, who can.

Heal our broken hearts,

Mend the pieces that shatter

Help us go on and face a new day

He will dry away our tears

Give us joy and calm our fears

When everything seems to crumble and fall

Jesus is there standing strong.

Standing strong for us to see

He is everything we need

No one else can take His place

You see He is everything

Standing strong with arms wide open

Saying, “Run to me, you can make it,

You can stand, always trust in Me,

Cause I’m going to always be, standing strong.”

Life isn’t easy

The road can be rocky

We can stumble and fall

God’s plan we may lose sight

Sometimes a little foggy it will seem

But Thank You Jesus

You are standing strong for me.

I may not understand what is going on

I may not clearly see just what He wants me to be

One thing I know will always be

Jesus will never leave me

Because He is standing strong for me.

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