. Mardi Robyn: Throwback Posts: Playing with Goober I Learned A Lesson Mardi Robyn: Throwback Posts: Playing with Goober I Learned A Lesson

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Throwback Posts: Playing with Goober I Learned A Lesson

Yesterday while playing fetch outside with my dog Goober, I kicked the football to close to the electric fence in our backyard and the ball rolled underneath. Since the electricity was turned off right then I walked over and was going to roll the ball back to the other side with my foot so we could continue playing. Shortly after Daddy put up the electric fence, Goober got to close, twice and it shocked him, so now he is very careful not to go near it. In his mind he thought I was fixing to get shocked when I reached for the ball, so as I moved my leg forward to roll the ball back, Goober used one of his paws to stop my leg, than maneuvered his way in front of me and touched the fence with his paw and than pushed the football farther away from the fence. Even though he pushed the ball further away than it already was, he thought he was keeping me from getting shocked. He didn’t know it wasn’t on, so naturally he assumed I was fixing to get hurt. I finally was able to get the ball after assuring him it was alright. I thought how neat it was that he was trying to protect me. Daddy and Mama were sitting in the nearby swing on our patio and Daddy made the comment to Mama, “Did you see that? He was willing to get shocked to keep her from getting shocked.”

Early this morning after midnight, I was getting ready to go to bed, and my mind began to wander towards the scene that happened earlier yesterday afternoon. It dawned on me, God protects us in the same way, my dog was trying to protect me. At times we try to do things that will harm us. We try to cross the line to get to the other side of the fence. A lot of times we think we know what is best for us, so we choose to go our own way, disregarding the warning God gives us. Disregarding His reach trying to stop us from getting hurt, getting “shocked,” if you will. God knows what is best for us. He see’s the invisible electricity that will shock us, even though by looking at the fence we can’t always see there is danger. We need to listen to Him and heed His warnings. He has our best interest at heart, and He doesn’t want to see us get hurt. He loves us, so much so that He willingly gave His Son Jesus to die on a cross for our sins, and Jesus was willing to do so. Why? To save us. To keep us from danger, to keep us from having to suffer in sin. To keep us from making wrong choices, by daily walking with Him. Sure, we will mess up and make mistakes, but by the grace of God we can begin again. His mercies are new every morning! His grace is still sufficient. There are many times we have an opportunity to get shocked (metaphorically speaking) by way of tempting distractions, thankfully Jesus gently warns us each time, telling us not to cross the fence, because there is danger. Let’s feel His outstretched hand guarding and guiding us, and listen to His voice.

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