. Mardi Robyn: Throwback Posts: On Life and Trials Mardi Robyn: Throwback Posts: On Life and Trials

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Throwback Posts: On Life and Trials

*Today in pharmacy we were extremely slow, so in my spare time, which I had plenty of, I wrote out this blog post*

One thing I am learning about growing up is it isn't easy. It isn't always a bed of roses, a walk in the park or a cool gentle breeze. Sometimes it is quite the opposite. Sometimes it is a journey through thorns, a climb over jagged rocks, a run on a scorching day.

Life isn't always as sweet as chocolate cake either, sometimes it is bitter like vinegar and smells as bad as Cleocin. (Cleocin is a nasty smelling medicine). Life isn't always as colorful as skittles, sometimes it is bleak and dreary, dark and depressing like black licorice. Life doesn't always feel light and fluffy like cotton candy or three musketeer candy bars either. Sometimes it feels like a load of bricks, heavy and back bending. Life isn't always smooth like a milkshake and easy to swallow either, sometimes it is tough to chew like an over cooked steak.

You quickly learn that life isn't easy, but you should learn just as quickly that how we handle it makes a world of difference. I have always known this, but I realize there are many miles to that truth I have yet to discover.

For example, trials are apart of life no matter how we try we cannot avoid them. This past week I did my fair share of moping and complaining over a trail, an unpleasant situation that was uncomfortable, puzzling and not at all to my liking, yet instead of choosing to think and act in a reasonable, calm and mature manner, I acted a fool. I let negative emotions take control. I hate that side of me. I was embarrassed at my behavior, it was so unlike me, unlike the normal composed and in control Mardi I prided myself on being, but this, this, this was so..ugh..inwardly I shudder to say it, is such an unpleasant thought......I'm human!

Yes, Mardi has to remind herself a lot lately that I am human and as much as I try I am not and will never be perfect. Never will I be able to please everyone. I wasn't created to do so. What a relief, despite the blow to my ego that this very revelation brings!

Trials show us our character, our strengths, weaknesses, our trophies and our imperfect flaws. It reveals areas we may have perfected at one time, but, let go of, became lazy and now need work once more.

Trials show us who we are and what we are made of. Like a magnifying glass revealing even the tiniest, ugliest, nastiest characteristics of our attitude that needs cleaning up.

I have always been one to take most things (Most not all) in stride, to keep a level head and think things through clearly but guess what? I can act opposite of commonsense, when I let negative emotions hinder positive thinking. A flaw I need to work on.

In a nut shell, trials show you where you need to grow up. The truth is not always wrapped up in a pretty package with a bow. A lot of times it is thrown out on the table raw, like freshly cut meat. The beauty of truth though is if you let it, it will make you stronger. It will take the ugly lump of clay in front of you and shape you into a gem worth displaying.

Trials build character, the key is learning to let it mold you into a person of admirable character, by not foolishly shrinking away and avoiding conflict but standing strong and sticking to your ground and realizing that even when you fall, you can get back up again.

No, life isn't always easy, sometimes it's downright hard, but aren't you glad we have a God that never leaves us, but is there from the start, and loves s with all His heart!

The beauty of life is revealed when you learn to trust the Master's heart, whose hands created a work of Art..and original...YOU!

So no matter the trial, the circumstance you are facing, whatever situation, God has a plan. You may not see it, it might be unclear, but He is there, He never leaves you, never forsakes you, you never have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, you never have to bear a burden alone. God is right there. How much better off we would be if we would realize this from the start and give God control of all our problems Letting Him give us the peace that passes all understanding. My goal this week is to simply Trust my Father, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has my best interest at heart!

When you let God be the captain, the coach of your life, things become clearer, they are put into perspective and He gives you a brighter outlook on life, even during the storms. Trust Him! He loves you!

~Proverbs 3:5-6~
~Jeremiah 29:11~
~Romans 8:28~

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