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Friday, June 14, 2013

Throwback Posts: The Keychain

*I typed this last year and wanted to blog it. (Last sentence added with the post of this blog)

I read a saying today on a keychain that I really do not like. It read, “Waiting For Mr. Right, but in the meantime having fun with all the wrong ones.” That may not be the exact words, but that was the jest of it. The more I pondered it, the more irritating it got, but the Holy Spirit quickly reminded me, “Don’t let it get the best of you.” Thinking about it now, it still is irritating, but more sad than anything, because for a lot of people in the world, that is their philosophy. “I know Mr. Right is somewhere, but in the meantime let me have a lot of fun.” I am so thankful I have not been personally exposed to the heartache, danger and tears of premature dating, and sex outside of marriage, etc.. because when it came time for payday, I wouldn’t want the bill. And Thank God I don’t have to have the bill anymore because over two thousand years ago Christ shed His blood and paid the price of sin so I wouldn’t have to be lost, because He chose to go to a cross and set me free. I no longer live in bondage and defeat unless I choose too, which is ridiculous to do so, but sad to say many do which is the case for those who choose to flirt around with every guy or girl (Depending on your gender) insight until “The Right One” comes into sight.

For me the idea of dating the wrong guy, always made me feel like if I did, I would be cheating on the man I marry. I realize that may sound odd, it did to me too, and in a way still does but makes perfect since. When I get married, if for some reason my husband has to go out of town and I cannot go with him, I wouldn’t go find the nearest guy and say “Hey, let’s have fun until my husband gets back.” No that would be out of the question. So why, being single should I play the field just because I am not yet with the man I am to marry?

For a few years I have used the analogy of a 25 and 50 cent machine when writing, or discussing “Waiting On the Right Man,” with my parents. The analogy I like to use is simply this, why settle for a 25 or 50 cent item when I can save myself and reap rewards far greater than millions? Now I haven’t ever put it in those terms before. I normally use something along the lines of dating around is like wasting all your money on a cheap toy when you can save your money and buy something expensive and lasting. Another way of looking at it could be, why buy a plastic ring for 25 cent when you can wait a few more years and by the real thing? Another analogy I have used before is let’s say you have a nice present to give to someone. You paid a lot of money for it, you wrapped it up real nice, you want the person it is intended for to be happy, surprised and enjoy it very much. What if though you decided to let someone else unwrap the present, play with it, get it dirty, step on it, abuse it and the gift becomes messed up, scarred, damaged and torn. The gift really wouldn’t be much of a gift anymore would it? I would think not. What if you were the person who the gift was intended for? When it came time for you to open it, how would you feel? Heartbroken? Hurt? Sad? That is just like the effects of sin when you play around with dating and sex before marriage. You risk taking the chance of hurting the man or woman who God designed for you to marry, and you also take a huge risk in avoiding marrying the right person all together because of the sin you put yourself through and the fact that you aren’t listening closely to God when you are out living for yourself, satisfying the lusts of your flesh.

The phrase on the keychain it really is a shame because someone somewhere might have or will read the saying and go “Oh yeah, I totally like this.” Then they may buy it put it on their keys and show it off for whoever to see. For me, the man I marry is more than worth waiting for, and He means way to much to me for me to throw myself away on some temporary pleasure and thrills that won’t last but will only fade away leaving more hurt than I ever bargained for. I don’t want to waste a life of happiness forever with one WONDERFUL MAN, by throwing it away for a bitter tasting thrill in the end that leaves more damage than a wrecking ball with men that didn’t love me at all.
The more I think about it, the more aggravating it gets, I mean COME ON, isn’t THE RIGHT MAN, worth it? WHY, do we give up so easily? Why, do we give in to the temporary pleasures? Why do we put ourselves through so much pain and humiliation? Why would you want to hurt the man designed just for you, by giving yourself to another that was never intended to be your lover? It just doesn’t make since. Sad to say though, many never view it as being wrong, and never take the time to consider the consequences of their actions, the price it costs, or what they are doing. Why? Because the devil has them blinded to the truth and instead of them embracing the light of Christ that leads us into all Truth, they deny and reject the very God who created them.

We should reflect the love of Christ so clearly people will want to relate to us and embrace the love of Jesus living for Him instead of relating to a saying on a keychain.

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