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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Throwback Posts: Just Some Ranting

Over the weekend I had the television on a lot while sorting through things, or laying around. This one commercial kept coming on over and over and over it seemed on almost every channel I would watch. I've seen this certain commercial before and it always aggravated me, but now it seems they are being really pushy and it gets under my skin. The commercials are for the humane society with their campaign to "save the animals." In case you haven't seen the commercials they use songs that are slow and sad and show close-ups of sheltered or neglected and abused animals. They are copying the commercials that let you know there are children who need help. I have no problem with those commercials. I do however have a problem with the pushiness to "save the animals." The way the humane society acts you would think animals have a soul and feelings and emotions just like humans. No doubt animals have emotions (I think) but they don't have a soul and they do not have emotions and feelings like humans. They aren't worth as much as humans, yet the commercials act like they do. It is ridiculous. Please don't get me wrong. I love animals. I smile every time I see one. I love to hold them, pet them, play with them, watch them, take picture etc. I love animals. But I have to draw the line somewhere. I consider a human being to be far more important than any animal. Yes animals cheer you up, they are cute. I think a lot of my dog Goober just because he is my dog, he try's to protect me, he is playful, he loves me even if I am having a bad day and look atrocious, he still likes me. I can go outside and feel rotten and not want to smile but he will do something cute that makes me smile if it is nothing but try to get me to pet him. God can use animals to cheer a person up. I like animals, I have no problem with trying to save them and rescue them from being abandoned and abused. I feel sorry for an animal that is mistreated. I don't think anyone should abuse an animal, that is wrong.

Here is where I have the problem. How can people get so defensive about abusing animals, and be extremely protective of them acting like it is a major crime (and it is a crime and wrong, but we've already established my opinions on that) How can people spend all their time, energy and money fighting for animals rights when a lot of those same people will vote yes on allowing abortion to be legal. That makes me so mad. It makes me want to be sick, and call me emotional but the thought makes me want to cry. (and I have) Millions of babies are killed and yes that what it is, killing.

Millions are killed every year because the majority of the women weren't mature enough to take responsibility for their actions. I realize some people have abortions because of rape even then I think it is wrong to have an abortion. It isn't the babies fault. I believe if the person was raped and finds it to painful to raise the child then by all means give birth to the baby and let a loving family adopt him or her. Don't kill the child. There are thousands of women who would love to have a baby but for medical reasons they cannot. Yet, thousands of women get pregnant ever year and choose to murder their child. How wrong. How stupid. How
intolerant I am of that.

People argue but it's not a baby if it is still in the womb. Um.....DUH! It is a baby. If the embryo is a baby before birth for people who don't abort their child then the embryo is a baby when it is aborted. I know to many cruel, horrible, disgusting facts about abortion for you to tell me the baby is not a baby. It isn't rocket science, it doesn't take a genius to know abortion kills babies. Tiny, helpless babies who should be loved, not killed.

Like I said I like animals, I am very fond of animals, but I wouldn't care if you killed every animal in the entire world if it meant saving every baby from being murdered by abortion. You might not agree with me. But I don't care. The Bible says don't kill. Yet, it's legal in America to kill a baby, but don't you dare kill an animal. If you kill an animal you go to jail, you do time for committing the crime, but the government, and political leaders support and advise killing a baby. They wouldn't like it if their Mom had chosen to abort them. Some people argue abortion doesn't hurt the baby. HOGWASH. That is beyond ridiculous. That is the most untrue thing I have ever heard. All you have to do is research the methods used to abort a baby and tell me if that doesn't hurt the child. There are to many stories of abortions gone bad to tell me abortion doesn't hurt the baby. People argue well it's "women's rights" Yeah, right, it is a woman's God given right to give birth to a child. Then there are people who say, I don't believe in God. Well, that's fine He still believes in you. You might not believe in God, ok, but that still doesn't give you a right to kill your child. I am probably going around in circles with this, but it aggrevates me beyond words how people are so numb to the fact abortion is murder and no one seems to care.

There is a song Casting Crowns sings called "While You Were Sleeping," I've sung it at Church many times, one part of the songs says, "While were sung to sleep by philosophies that save the trees and kill the children." That so true. I'm tired of it being that way.

Teens use the excuse, "well a child will ruin my life. I'm not old enough to be a Mother, I can't give birth to a baby, I'm still a baby myself." They should of thought of that before they let their hormones have control and did the thing that got them pregnant to begin with. I know people make mistakes. I'm not being critical, I realize sometimes people get themselves into situations and before they realize it they have gone to far, but please I by all means don't kill a baby that is the result of going to far. I've said this many times, so to be blunt, if you think your old enough to have sex and you get pregnant as a result, don't murder a baby.

I am 100% for abstinence before marriage. That is another soap box of mine. I plan on staying that way. But if for some reason Lord forbid I stopped listening to God and used poor judgment and as a result got pregnant, there is no way I could abort that child. Absolutely, positively no way. (Please don't misunderstand, I'm not going to do something stupid, I'm just using myself as an illustration.)

I'm not criticizing anyone who has messed up and had sex before marriage. What I am saying is don't abort a child. It makes me mad that hundreds of people murder children everyday. I can't begin to describe my frustration at that. A sad fact is many women who have abortions don't know all the facts they don't realize what all
is involved in an abortion, then afterwards they feel miserable inside, and empty. Maybe not everyone, but most people who are honest and willing to talk about it admit they are miserable and feel terrible inside because they had an abortion.

I am not married, and I don't have children, but I have watched my nephews I realize raising a child is a lot of work, but have you ever held a baby? I have, it melts my heart for lack of a better definition. They are so sweet, and precious, and lovable! How can anyone kill a baby? I can't comprehend it.

That is why the commercials by the humane society irritate me. Yes, I agree we should protect animals and not abuse them. But we shouldn't care more about saving animals then we do saving children. Why don't we see commercials advertising Pro-Life? Because the majority of the media look at Abortion as a pro and Pro-Life as a con. I was reading in a magazine over the weekend a list of different topics. They put abortion as a pro, Pro-Life as a con, Gay Rights as a Pro and Marriage between One Man and One Woman as a Con, and so on. The society we live in is so messed up. Why won't more people take a stand for what is right? Another reason the humane society commercials aggrevate me is why would I want to send money (and that's what they want people to do) to help save an animal when I could send money and sponsor a child who is going to bed hungry tonight, with only a cardboard box for shelter, if even that, right here in the USA.

I don't want to keep going around in circles and make this post any longer. One reason is because I am running out of words to describe my feelings on the subject and two, this post is already kind of long! I will say this, again, I don't mind saving animals, but don't holler louder save an animal than you do save a child. Children are worth far more than any animal.

For more information on abortion go to www.Abort73.com

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