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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Throwback Posts: How Much T.V. is To Much T.V.?

I typed this up months ago but did not get around to blogging it until now..

So how much television is considered to much television? I think this is a question everyone needs to ask and decide for themselves. Personally in the past I have watched entirely to much television and sometimes I still do. But with God’s help I’m working to change that.

Why do I feel you can watch to much television?

For one and the most important reason, to much television takes away from spending time with God. And to much television isn’t good for you. Whether we want to admit it or not, television has a way of shaping our views and opinions. Most of the time in a negative way. To much negativity isn’t good. Television has become the number one babysitter in America and other parts of the world. It seems we are consumed with television just about everywhere we go. Media trying to shape us into what they want us to be. It is like the television is an idol we set up on an entertainment center and the household revolves around it. Don’t believe me? If you watch television a lot, try turning it off and spending time with your family. A lot of families wouldn’t know how to act. Television should not be the number one means of entertainment. It should not be consumed for hours on end, watching show after show, movie after movie, commercial, after commercial. Personally to much television makes me feel like I want to be sick. It gets old and is tiring. The constant blaring of the media trying to shape us into a secular worldview. You even have to be careful with Christian television. Television should not define who you are. It shouldn’t be the thing you run to when you are bored or don’t know what to do with yourself. Most importantly it should not come between you and spending time with God.

Television has become a habit. A noise maker. To prove my point right now as I type this I have the television on a recorded episode of HGTV’s program “Income Property.” I am not watching it, obviously, I am staring at the computer screen typing this blog, but I hear the noise.



I turned the television off. What a relief. I can actually hear myself think better. My concentration is better. Which proves my point, more times than not, television is a distraction.

I have said for several years now that when I get married and have children, I want television time to be limited for my children. I pray whomever the Lord has for me to marry agrees and feels the same way. I don’t want family time to consist of sitting around a television, no one talk until commercials, etc.. I want family time to actually be just that, family time, Bible devotions, talking, playing games, laughing, having serious talks, etc.. and when we do sit around the television I want it to be to watch family oriented programs (which are few unless you go back to watching old television shows) or family oriented movies. I don’t want my children watching today’s cartoons either. There are only a few secular cartoons I might would consider them watching if they stay as clean as they are now, but even then I am not sure. Besides there are plenty of Bible-themed cartoons children can watch now days. Veggie tales, Hermie, just to name a couple. When it comes to programs for young children and teenagers, I don’t want them watching today’s so-called “teen entertainment” look at how it is today? Can you imagine how it will be when I get married and have children and they become teenagers? I don’t know what my husband will think, but I am seriously thinking I am not sure I even want cable or satellite in my house. If we want to watch something on television, buy a dvd. And parents preview the movie before watching it together as a family. One thing that irritates me is Parents having no clue what kind of content is on a dvd they buy their children, or on a cartoon or kids show on television. A lot of them think well it’s a cartoon or a program geared toward my child’s age group, it must be alright. WRONG. Be the parent, show some caution and preview, preview, preview. Watch it with your children. Sit down and find out what they are watching and by all means, please don’t let the television be your child’s babysitter. That is a major problem with children today. The television has taught them what they believe. It has been their parents, their babysitter, and now their actual Parents wonder why their child’s attitudes stink and they are getting into trouble. It’s because of what they watch on t.v and listen to in music and play in video games, which is another blog post all together. I am not a Parent but I do know in order to train up a child in the way he or she should go, your going to have to be a part of that child’s life. Be the parent. I have never trained a child, I’m not married. But, I have trained some dogs, or attempted to train some dogs. And I know from experience how much time and effort you put into that dog will determine how well that dog obeys, listens and is around you and others. If you want a good dog, invest time in that dog. Children are 100 times better than a dog, how much more time should we invest in them. 100% more time then we invest in training an animal or spending on something else. Children are gifts from God, we must train them according to His Word. We cannot tell them to follow God and His Word in one breath, and then sit them in front of the television screen for hours at a time. What they spend the most time on is what will shape who they are. Good or bad.

I for one am re-evaluating my views on television, and what I watch and shouldn’t watch, how much time I watch television and how much time I should cut back on watching television. I believe to much time is wasted in front of a television when we could be productive in other areas of life, making a difference for what really matters in eternity.
So this week I am seriously considering all of my television habits and working to eliminate a lot of television time.

What do you consider to be to much television?
What are your views on to much television?
Do you think television is negative or positive, both? Why or why not?

I would like to read your feedback! Thanks!

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