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Friday, June 14, 2013

Throwback Post: In Everything Give Thanks

What?? Really? You have to be kidding me right? I am suppose to give thanks in everything? When customers are all but yelling in pharmacy, computers are freezing, insurances won't pay, reasoning and logic aren't popular and stress and frustration adds to the pile of madness, I am suppose to give thanks? That is a tough one. To be honest 99.9% of the time giving thanks is the farthest thing from my mind.

It is all to easy to let emotions rules situations. To get frustrated and stressed out, to want to snap back at a customer who is snapping. When you're head feels as if it is spinning in a million different directions from work, life and thoughts inside, giving thanks seems foreign. Should I be thankful for the madness around me? Should I be thankful that someone is fussing? No, but I could take the time to find something else in which I am thankful for. Like, I could be thankful I'm not the one doing the fussing and showing out like an idiot...lol or I could be thankful I have a job that pays well, or the list goes on and on.

Being thankful and choosing to have a positive outlook isn't easy, yet I feel the Lord challenging me to do just that and quite frankly so far I am failing miserably! But I will keep trying....

Tonight I was thinking about stressful situations at work sometimes, especially during the busier times when it seems its coming at every end (Thank the Lord we are in business though!) there have been many times I felt like if one more customer snapped or one more thing went wrong I would burst in tears, snap, or throw my hands up and holler, that I have had something happen that changes my outlook for the better... something like the couple who hug my neck every time they see me outside of Walgreens, the ladies that are always cheerful, the elderly couple who are always sweet and kind of adopted me as their own, and I them.

How about the man and his wife who invited me to the Church I now attend and always brighten my day every time I see them, or two other ladies from Church that are always so kind, and how about the babies that out of the blue will smile and wave or tell me hey, like today I was at the drive-thru and a car pulls up. As I was talking to the lady in the drivers seat, her toddler son in the backseat with blonde hair and blue eyes chirps up with a cheerful hey as he smiles and waves! That warmed my heart and made my day!

How about the little boy who until then I had not seen, ran up to me a few months ago and gave me a hug. It is little moments such as these that make all the difference in the world. I like to think they are blessings from God, reminders that He loves me and He is always with me, regardless of the not-so-good moments He is always there. It's moments such as these that are like rays of sunshine on a dark day!

Its a fact of life that sometimes things can be stressful, but I am beginning to understand that often times we choose to let the stress affect us. When Paul and Silas were in prison bound in chains they did not let their situation bind their joy, instead of stressing out they chose to sing praises to God and have themselves a good ole time! How I would love to be like Paul and Silas in the sense that regardless the circumstance I choose to give thanks, I choose to be a light where the light seems dim and fading or completely out. To many times I choose the opposite approach and act like a sourpuss, frowning, complaining and letting my stress show.
Isn't the joy of the Lord suppose to be my strength? Yes it is, but I must choose to renew that joy. How? By staying in the Word of God daily, by talking to Him, and putting Him first. Something I definitely need to work on,

Yep, I definitely need to start giving thanks in every situation. I am thankful for every person who has made a difference in my life, for every person who has smiled and been friendly, whose smile lights up the day, whose gentle manner and good humor is refreshing. It is easy to focus on the customers who aren't so nice, but when I stop and think of all the customers who are friendly I realize just how much I really do like my job. There are several people whose names I wish I could mention but for privacy reasons I won't, instead I will try and describe them.

Some of the people that come in pharmacy I am thankful for:

A couple Mr. and Mrs. K who I have grown to love from work and Church. I was invited to attend "Church Alive" by the gentleman. He and his wife are such a blessing, and their love for God is evident on their faces!

Another lady Mrs. M and I really started talking when the conversation of "Elvis" came up. She is a dear sweet lady and a big Elvis fan! Her and her grandson are sweet, and I have grown to be quite fond of both of them!

Then there is another sweet lady, Mrs. R. who I was introduced to by the gentleman that invited me to Church. She let me sit with her the first time I attended. Her and her family are very sweet and I always look forward to seeing her.

I cannot forget about Mr. and Mrs. M. Words cannot adequately describe this couple. Turns out they are kin to a gentleman that my Dad works with. This is the couple I said have kind of adopted me and I them. I'm always glad to see them or talk to them on the phone. I need to go see Mrs. M again soon. I love this couple!

Then there is sweet Mr. H. He and his wife transferred their prescriptions from a competitor and I am glad they did or else I may not have had the privilege of their kindness.

Then there is Ms. M and Ms. P both sweet ladies who always put a smile on my face.

Mr. B who I have said from day one is the perfect picture of a farmer, dressed out in overalls and a plaid shirt and straw hat! The photographer in me would love to photograph him standing by a tractor! He always has a smile and is a joy to see!

Mr. B who always wears a smile and is sweet and soft spoken, first time I laid eyes on him I had to do a double take, he favors the country singer Darius Rucker. It's always a joy seeing him and his wife.

Then there is Mrs. G who is always sweet and she is soft spoken as well and always calls me baby. She is an elderly lady and always a joy to see.

I cannot forget a Pastor's wife and their two little girls. Always so sweet! It is a joy to see the two little girls come in with their Mom. The oldest is a character, she is always so grownup and very polite, always wearing a smile, and has a great sense of clothing style for such a young age!

How about Mrs. H. She calls me her friend and will go out of her way to say hey if we are in Wal-Mart at the same time, and she always hugs me neck. She always brings a smile to my face.

Ms. J is quite a character but she is one of those people who you cannot help but like and enjoy seeing. I would worry if I didn't see her in the store often.

Mr. and Mrs. Y. Dear sweet people, always friendly and believes in giving hugs. Their granddaughter that I have met is equally sweet. Mr. Y and I like to pick on each other, I am an Alabama fan and he is a Mississippi State fan and of course I told him to get ready for Bama to beat Mississippi State this year! Roll Tide!

Mrs. K and her daughter are always a joy to see! They are both sweet and I enjoy talking to them.

Mrs. P a sweet lady and her teenage daughter always waves and smiles as if she has known me all her life.

There is the photographer who is always nice and I hope to talk to her more about photography soon! She is a talented photographer!

Mr. and Mrs. T. Another couple who I always look forward to seeing, they are two of the sweetest people I have met!
One man came through pharmacy to pick up his prescription. First and only time I have seen him, he was deaf so we wrote notes to communicate what he needed. I am not sure why it touched my heart so, but it was a special moment I will never forget.

There are so many people whose faces and names are running through my mind that I would love to tell you about but it would require a lot of time and a lot of reading on your part. I wish you could meet each and every person. I am thankful for all of these people mentioned and many more. Maybe giving thanks really isn't that difficult, just takes effort, but it is effort that is well worth it! It is amazing how customers who come in often grow on you like family, they make a lasting impression and hold a place in my heart. And last but not least I have to say how thankful I am for the people I work with. It is truly a Walgreens family! Everyone is nice and I have grown to love each and everyone of them like family!

What are you thankful for?

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