. Mardi Robyn: New Earrings Coming This Week Mardi Robyn: New Earrings Coming This Week

Monday, October 8, 2012

New Earrings Coming This Week

I am excited to be uploading the following earrings for sale later this week. In the meantime here are some pictures I took and uploaded to Instagram last night! Enjoy! 

Glitter Stars
Silver Glitter Star Earrings  $3.00

Pink Stars
4inch Yellow Hoops with Glitter Pink Stars $5.00

Pink Stars
Glitter Pink Stars Dangling from Black Chain Earrings $5.00

Red and White Earrings
      Red and White Peppermint Swirl Ornament Ball Earrings $3.00

Blue Stars
4inch Orange Hoop Earrings with Blue Glitter Stars  $5.00

Peppermint Balls
Big Red and White Glitter Peppermint Ball Earrings on 4inch Gold Hoops. Lightweight. $5.00

Blue Stars
Glitter Blue Star Earrings  $3.00

Silver Stars
Silver Glitter Star Outline Earrings $4.00

Pink Stars
Pink Glitter Star Earrings $3.00

All of these earrings will be available in my shop www.MardiRobyn.com sometime this week with better photographs!  If you are interested in pre-ordering any of these comment below or send me an email at Mard[at]MardiRobyn.com (be sure and change the [at] to @)  I can send you an invoice via paypal to your email address if you would like to order these before they are listed in my shop.

Keep checking back, I have a lot of blog post ideas waiting to be blogged!

Have a great week,

God Bless,
 ~Mardi Robyn

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