. Mardi Robyn: Unusual Adjustable Rings Mardi Robyn: Unusual Adjustable Rings

Monday, October 8, 2012

Unusual Adjustable Rings

I posted these pictures on my Instagram (@mardiRobyn) over the weekend but I wanted to share them here in case you do not follow me on Instagram and have not seen them.
To me they are a bit unusual and at first I hesistated to put them on the web since they are so different, but hey isn't that what fashion is about? I like them!  The circles backings are made of acrylic, the decorations are actual stickers that have been secured to the circle base and I will be adding a few coats of sealer so that the sticker stays in place. The rings are adjustable.
What do you think?
Kawaii Rings

Orange Leopard Print Heart
Orange Leopard Print Heart Sticker on a Blue base.

Kawaii Blue Owl
Cute Blue Owl on a Yellow Glitter Base.

Music Note Ring
Green Music Notes and Pink Treble Clef Music Symbol on a Black Glitter base.  This ring is my favorite!
I add the finishing touches to these rings, photograph them and list them for sell in my shop sometime this week or the first of next!
God Bless,
  Mardi Robyn
P.S. Expect alot of blog posts within the next few weeks and the weeks to come. I am wanting to reach atleast 100 blog posts before the end of 2012.

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