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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mini Christmas Bow Adjustable Rings

I want to get into the habit of posting tutorials!  I love reading blogs that have diy tutorials and I love coming up with ideas and making crafts, so why not start posting tutorials.. 
For this tutorial I want to show you have to make cute adjustable rings using mini Christmas gift bows!

I sell these in my etsy shop and have had positive feedback!

Red Bow Ring
Glitter Red Bow Adjustable Ring

You will need the following supplies:

Mini Bow Ring Tutorial

~ Mini Christmas Bows
~ Adjustable Ring Base
~ Fingernail File (or sandpaper)
~Felt (Optional)

Ring Base

Mini Bow Tutorial

Step-by-Step Instructions:


1.  Using your fingernail file or sandpaper, file over your adjustable ring base a few quick times. This helps the adhere the bow to the ring base once the superglue is applied.

2. Next take one of your bows, on the back is the paper you usually peel off to stick to a package, you will want to neatly trim it to where the paper is more rounded on the back.  You can also cut the entire paper backing off and secure a felt circle to the back using your superglue for a more polished look, like you would do if you were making a hair bow using decorative flowers.

3. After you have filed the adjustable ring base and trimmed the paper from the back of the bow it is time to do the final step in making your ring!

4.  Using your superglue apply to base pad of the adjustable ring and add the back of the bow to the pad of the ring.  You might need to apply a little dab of superglue to the back of the bow as well.

Let dry and you have yourself a pretty cute bow ring! 

Pink Bow Ring

Red Bow Ring

Pink Bow Ring

Red Bow Ring

Simple and easy to make for you and your friends!

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  1. where do you get the mini Christmas bows??

  2. I bought mine from Wal-Mart, they sell them in the Christmas section during the fall months. Sometimes you can find them at a Dollar Tree all year round!


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