. Mardi Robyn: Sauteed Vegetable Salad Recipe Mardi Robyn: Sauteed Vegetable Salad Recipe

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Sauteed Vegetable Salad Recipe

It has been my goal to eat healthier. Being honest with y'all I have not done a good job the past couple of weeks with my goal, but I am doing better than I was.  One day I decided to make a salad. It tasted a lot better than it looks. 

I washed spinach, and a cucumber. I sliced the cucumber and salted it. I left the skin on as a preference. You can peel the skin off if you like.  After I prepared the spinach and cucumbers I cut up my vegetables.

I cut up sweet peas, orange and red sweet peppers, asparagus and added some baby tomatoes. I used olive oil, and added salt and pepper to saute my veggies. 

I did not want to wash a lot of dishes so I used a styrofoam plate. 

I added shredded cheese and enjoyed my lunch!

What are some healthy recipes you like to make? 

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