. Mardi Robyn: My Trip to Hobby Lobby: Christmas Decorations I Saw Mardi Robyn: My Trip to Hobby Lobby: Christmas Decorations I Saw

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

My Trip to Hobby Lobby: Christmas Decorations I Saw

Today my Parents surprised me with a trip to Hobby Lobby in Pensacola, Florida.  I have not been to this Hobby Lobby in Pensacola since I was thirteen years old.  I remember that was my first trip to a Hobby Lobby and my Mama, and I went with my sister Kim, she was shopping for things for her Wedding.   It was that trip that I was introduced to Hobby Lobby and decided I liked the place.

The store is still in the same location it was when I was thirteen.  Inside is laid out difference than I remember, but that is to be expected.  

I have not been in a Hobby Lobby in a couple of years. I do not remember if the last Hobby Lobby I was in was in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, or Flowood, Mississippi, but I do know it has been a while.

I was happy to get to go today and had a lot of fun.  I bought two bags full of items, but I won't show them in this blog post. I plan on doing a Hobby Lobby Shopping Haul Video and load it to my YouTube channel sometime this week. Instead I decided for this blog post I would post pictures of Christmas ornaments that I took pictures of with my cellphone.  I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed looking at the ornaments.  Hobby Lobby carries so many beautiful, and cute Christmas ornaments.  I took pictures of some of my favorites.  

 I thought this lollipop Christmas ornament was cute. I want to make something similar but use a different type of material. 
 This macaroon Christmas ornament is adorable! I might have to go back to a Hobby Lobby and purchase one for my Christmas tree.
 How cute is this candy themed house ornament? If I am not mistaken I saw one in the color pink, but I didn't take a picture of it.
Macaroon Ornaments! I would love to decorate a Christmas tree in dessert themed ornaments. 

 I like the cookie theme wreath ornaments. The design is cute and festive.
 I thought these snowflake ornaments were adorable! I want to go back to a Hobby Lobby before Christmas and purchase one or two. The snowflakes are soft. I think they were made of foam, and the sprinkles added to the cuteness of them making them adorable.
 I like candy cane ornaments. These were cute. I meant to go back to the Christmas aisle they were on and pick out the pink and white one pictured, and a blue and white one in the background but, I forgot. Looks like I will get to make another trip to Hobby Lobby before Christmas!  I don't mind at all!
This Christmas ornament reminds me of my oldest sister who loves to drink coffee. I took the picture with the intentions of sending the picture to my sister in a text message, but I have not done it yet. I will though. 

Cute Chocolate Donut Christmas ornaments with colorful sprinkles. To bad it is inedible!
 More cute donut Christmas ornaments. 

 This Christmas ornament looks like a square of carrot cake. 

 I like the looks of this Cowboy Boot Christmas ornament. My only wish is that they were big enough to fit my feet. 

This Cowboy Boot Christmas ornament was my favorite of the boot designs. I meant to go back to the Christmas ornament aisle it was on and pick one up to purchase, but I did not make it back to that side of the store. Maybe next time I go in Hobby Lobby before Christmas they will have one like it. 

 I thought this Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas ornament was cute. 

 The picture is a little blurry, but look at the gumball machine Christmas ornament! It would look cute on a candy themed Christmas tree. 

 This Christmas ornament is pretty with some of the words to one of my favorite Christmas songs "Silent night, Holy Night.."  As with some of the other ornaments I took pictures of, I meant to go back and pick up one of these to buy and forgot before I checked out. Maybe next time I go to Hobby Lobby they will have one I can buy. 

Beautiful! That is the first word that came to my mind when I saw this Christmas ornament. I enjoy seeing deer, and this one on the ornament looks very realistic. 

 I liked all of the candy themed ornaments hanging on the wall. They were big. I guess they are for use outdoors, or maybe in bigger displays around your house or Christmas tree. I wouldn't mind not only a candy themed Christmas tree, but an entire room decorated in a Christmas candy theme would be sweet! Pun intended. 

 At first I was not sure which ornament I thought was more cute, but I think I like the pink one on the right the best. 

Look at this lollipop themed ornament. It looks like it is covered with colorful candy sprinkles. 

Thank you for reading my blog post. I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures of Christmas ornaments as much as I enjoyed looking at the Christmas ornaments in person.

Have you been to a Hobby Lobby lately?  Did you look at the Christmas decorations?


  1. Greetings from the UK. I enjoyed the Christmas ornaments.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

    1. Thank you! I enjoy looking at Christmas ornaments!

  2. but an entire room decorated in a Christmas candy theme would be sweet! Pun intended.


    1. Lol! Thanks for finding my pun funny! And for reading my blog! I need to blog more often.


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