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Sunday, August 6, 2017

New Beads

 Colorful Frosted Glass Beads. Size: 10mm. $3.00 per strand. 
These beads are almost sold out, but I will have more in stock in two to four weeks. 

 The color of these beads are some of my favorites. I call them Candy Colored Glass beads. 
They are 10mm in size and $3.00 a strand. I still have some strands in stock, and will order more soon. 

Most of these strands are sold out, the strands that were not sold out I mixed together to make a color mix of beads. They are 8mm in size and are $2.50 per set. 

Here are some video's that I took when I received these beads in the mail a few weeks ago.


Beads can be ordered on my Instagram account @MardiRobynSupplies or on my website www.MardiRobyn.com

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