. Mardi Robyn: Strawberry Festival in Castleberry Alabama Mardi Robyn: Strawberry Festival in Castleberry Alabama

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Strawberry Festival in Castleberry Alabama

In April of this year I did my first Strawberry Festival in Castleberry, Alabama. What I mean by that is I set up a booth with my handmade jewelry, accessories, and some DIY Supplies.  The people in charge of the festival painted strawberries on the road. I think they were cute. 

 This is me waiting to get into the festival to set up my booth. We had to wait for almost an hour because another vendor was blocking the road while setting up their booth instead of pulling over to the side.  There was a long line of other vendors waiting to get to their spot. I am sure they were as nervous and anxious as I was watching the clock. All of the booths had to be set up by 8am and it was after 7am.  

That Saturday was a hot day! 

My booth! We set it up with time to spare because the gate opened at 8am! Thank you Jesus!!

Instead of using business cards I decided to make one big business card and put it in a picture frame. I read the idea online. It was a good idea, but next time I do a festival I will be sure to have business cards on hand. 

This was my necklace display. My Daddy found and bought it at a store, the store was going to throw it away.  Mama covered it with paper. It had hooks, but I decided it needed more, so I added some thumb tacks for extra hooks for my necklaces. 

I had a container field with $5.00 Surprise bags.  They did not go over well because they were not displayed in a good spot, but that is okay. Lesson learned for next time. 

I like how my booth looked.  This was the second festival I have done. In my opinion the look of my booth was a big improvement over what it looked liked when I did my first festival in Mississippi in 2010.   I see a lot of room for improvement, and I have a lot of ideas.  For example instead of using blue computer paper to make the signs, cutting the edges with decorative scissors and using a maker to write on the paper,  next time I want to go for a more professional look and print my signs off on the computer and laminate them for sturdiness and to be able to use over again. 

 My brother-in-law Rick, sister Kristi and I shared a booth. The woodwork belongs to my brother-in-law. He is amazing at woodwork.

My display for beads!

I decided to add a basket of charms in the props suitcase that was displaying my beads. 

 It was a hot Saturday!

 The stage in the background was where the music entertainment sang. 

 I had to take a few breaks during the day. This was my first time being in big crowds since my brain injury, I had a few panic attacks and a few seizures.  This picture I took in the truck. My house was not far from the festival so my Mama and I left to go get my dog Bama, while my Daddy, Sister, and Brother-in-law watched our booth.  

 Thirsty puppy! 

 Bama was happy to be with me. This was his first festival.


My sister Kristi and I.  

 Sweet Bama! 

 I love my dog Bama! 

Handsome Bama!  I was glad to have him with me. 

I enjoyed it. I had fun.  Festivals would not be complete without concession stands. I ate chicken on a stick, nacho and cheese and a cherry snow cone from the Kona Ice Truck. Yum!

We were suppose to stay until 5:00pm but, I had a major seizure and we had to take down my booth and leave early, but that is okay.  I am proud of myself for being able to do it. I had fun.  I had been wanting to do a festival since I wrecked in 2012 but was not able to until this April. Thank you Jesus for the opportunity! 


  1. Nice! So how long till your next festival? :-)

    1. Thank you! I am not sure. In the next town over every Saturday starting in April until sometime in December they have what is called a Choo Choo Farmer's Market. You can set up a booth. I would like to do a few of those, but I am not sure when.


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