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Friday, June 24, 2016

Our Adventures in Moving

This motor home has been our home away from home since last October. 

My family and I are in the process of moving from Mississippi back to Alabama. We moved from Alabama to Mississippi in 2004, twelve years ago this August.

Before we bought the motor home, when we visited Alabama, we stayed in a hotel in Alabama that was near our land.

The motor home served its purpose. It has been fun staying in it. Sometimes I pretended I was on a tour bus, when I went to sleep I was travelling to my next venue for a gospel music concert. It is fun to dream. 

This Saturday will be two weeks since we spent the night for the first time in our new double wide home on our land in Alabama. We spent the night in it for three nights before returning to our home in Mississippi.

Wednesday we came back to Alabama. We were surprised to find that the workers for the mobile home lot we bought our home from had come back and put the skirting up around the mobile home while we were in Mississippi. It was a nice surprise to see that the job was finished.

I will say staying in a motor home though was an adventure. You have to make sure it is level when parked or else you feel like you are going to fall over walking in it. On one of our first trips staying in the RV, it was not level enough. I remember Daddy grilled hot dogs. Once inside he put a hot dog on his plate, sat the plate down to get bread and the hot dog rolled off onto the floor! 

That is just one of the many memories I have treasured in my mind from our adventures in our RV. Now it is parked away from our new home. What adventures awaits it, I do not know. But now the adventure in our new home has begun.

We are not completely moved.
We have a lot left to do, but memories are already being made and the adventures are looking grand. 

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