. Mardi Robyn: A Lesson from my Dogs Jealousy Mardi Robyn: A Lesson from my Dogs Jealousy

Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Lesson from my Dogs Jealousy

Look at Bama's face in the picture! He was so jealous. 

Friday night we let our puppy Gooby inside to spend the night out of the cold. Bama who is an inside dog was extremely jealous. So much so that he retrieved a rawhide bone out of his "hiding place," that had been hiding for weeks. 

Once he retrieved it he proceeded to chew on it and rub it in the puppies face that he had a bone and Gooby didn't.  This wasn't fair, so I retrieved a rawhide bone for Gooby so they would both have one. While Gooby was happy chewing on his bone I noticed Bama had stopped chewing on his own bone and was now giving Gooby such awful looks. He was jealous and staring him down, his own bone now abandoned in front of him.  

While watching the two of them it dawned on me that is how us as humans are sometimes. We are jealous of other people's success in life and focus on what they have  that we fail to realize we have the same opportunities, time and capabilities right in front of us. 

It is up to us to use them, not look at our neighbor with jealousy and spite. 

I wonder what God thinks while watching us do like Bama. 

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