. Mardi Robyn: My First Semester of College Mardi Robyn: My First Semester of College

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My First Semester of College

I have read a lot recently about blog posts need a clean, clear, crisp, picture... as you can see, this is not one. Sorry blogger rule makers.  (I may add as a photographer, I agree.)
In my excitement over the arrival of my college school books, I took them out of their boxes and set them up on the sofa for a quick picture.   I started college online October 28th, so as you can imagine I took this picture a handful of weeks at least.
I started college as an online student of Liberty University during their fall semester 2015. I am excited. My first four courses are Apologetics, Early U.S. History,  an introduction course to Liberty University's online learning program, and Psychology 101. 
So far I like my courses. I like to learn, and I look forward to learning more as my schooling continues.

Does this post sound as boring as it feels?  I should start writing creatively again.
So how are y'all?


  1. Awesome! So, as for any papers you write for your courses, will you be posting them on here?

  2. Yay! It sounds like an exciting new chapter God is opening up in your life! So happy for you!

    <3 Maiden Princess


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