. Mardi Robyn: A Friendly Rant Mardi Robyn: A Friendly Rant

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Friendly Rant

~*~Posted to my Instagram earlier this morning~*~

I rarely rant on Instagram but I want to get the record straight. Yes I started a boutique and now merged it with my business Mardi Robyn. No, I am not copying anyone. 

The boutique has been a plan and a goal I worked towards for almost two years. Right now I order from 5 different wholesale suppliers. One I have been a member of for two years, it's popular among boutique owners. 

  The fact that I have been deleted and blocked because of it shows insecurity in your own business affairs. You can't expect to buy wholesale and act as if the website is a treasure only known to you. Sorry it isn't, hundreds of sellers know about and purchase wholesale from them. That isn't copying, that's just a fact. 

 I'm secure enough in my business I won't block and delete anyone unless you are being rude and disrespectful. It's also natural for people to have the same followers. You like a photo, your friends sees it, they follow the person whose photo you liked. That's called networking. 

To many businesses are being cut throat and acting like they are the only ones around. Get over yourself. It is a big world. There is room for everyone. We can all reach customers others cannot. You can't reach all the billions of people by yourself. 

 Don't misunderstand if it is your original design that you came up with, without any inspiration from someone else's design, then yes it is right to be upset when someone is copying you exactly. But, when you buy wholesale jewelry and get mad when other people buy it to, that's childish. 

  I have been buying and collecting wholesale jewelry for my boutique for a long time in preparation for its opening. If that causes another to be jealous that we sell the same things, well tough. I'm not copying you. 

  Personally I'm all for supporting each other and making our customers happy, not competing with competition we have made up in our heads. I hope we all make it.  

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