. Mardi Robyn: I Am A Survivor Mardi Robyn: I Am A Survivor

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I Am A Survivor

I am a survivor of a traumatic brain injury known as post concussive syndrome. Two years ago today my life changed. The journey hasn't been easy. But I am alive and here to say what the devil meant for harm, God gave me a testimony. Do I still struggle with pcs? Yes, but not like in the beginning and everyday brings a noticeable healing. I am more than a conqueror through my Jesus. What the devil meant for harm, God gave me the victory! Today I choose to rejoice in how far I have come, and not dwell on the negative. I don't wish what I have been through on my worst enemy. However I wouldn't take the journey back. It has made me who I am today, I am a survivor!


  1. :-) You are also an inspiring example as well of not giving up!

  2. Mardi the Father has broken and healed you in so many beautiful ways, and those scars show HIs power in your life and your submission to His will. I love you girl. You are beautiful!

  3. Thank you Mike. Thank you Stephanie, both of you have been encouraging and inspiring to me. Stephanie you are beautiful and you show God's love and let His light shine through you. I love you!


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