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Friday, June 14, 2013

Throwback Posts: The World Would See Jesus is All They Need

Early today while looking through some papers of writings I have wrote, I came across a thought I wrote down in 2007. When I wrote the thought I was thinking how this generation appears to be in such a mess, feeding off garbage, lies that the media tells them. It's as if they have lost all ability to think for themselves, they must be told what to do at all times. It's almost like they are bounced around like a basketball, not caring they are being tossed back and forth with every whim that surfaces at the moment. It's saddening. But there is a flip side to the bad, and that's the good. The bad can be counteracted with good, but we have to choose to let the good shine through. We as Christian's hold the greatest power within us, Jesus Christ. We have the Truth living in us. We can make a difference and rescue those who are caught in the undertow of sin. We can shine the Light of Jesus on the lost that are in the dark in desperate need of a Saviour, Jesus.

Our problem is we don't stay in God's Word enough to know what it says and what our strengths are in Him. We don't realize the greatest potential we have in Christ. Maybe many do stay in God's Word, but they don't activate it in their lives, they just sit there and read it without absorbing it like a sponge, feeding off of it, and letting God work in their lives for good. I keep saying, they, I'm really pointing all ten fingers back at me. If we would grasp how great God is, granted we can't fully comprehend the greatness of God, but if we would begin to try and obtain a better understanding of who our Lord is, and of who we are in Christ, we couldn't stand to sit still, idly doing nothing. We would have to tell the world that Jesus saves. Just something to think about. Below is a thought I wrote in 2007.

What are we doing? Are we raising up a generation that doesn’t care? Teens numb to the fact there is a God. The void inside they try to feel with every substance they can imagine, sex, drugs, fashion, movies, rap, porn, pot, alcohol, temporary thrills leaves them hanging in tears. Their searching for something, anything within reach that appeals. They will grasp at anything to fill that need even with the newest thrill even if that means taking a bottle of pills. They are searching in desperation wanting what is real, so they cling to the garbage that has more appeal than the Christian walk we love to preach is real, yet our lives read like a lousy advertisement boring with no appeal because we are wallowing around not knowing what is real. We are all caught up in this mad race when the truth is the only peace to be found lies within the hands of the Master. His name is Jesus Christ.

If we would surrender to the King, the world would see He is all we need.

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