. Mardi Robyn: Throwback Post: Random Blog Post August 2012 Mardi Robyn: Throwback Post: Random Blog Post August 2012

Friday, June 14, 2013

Throwback Post: Random Blog Post August 2012


I am addicted to the website Pinterest. Seriously. I have over 2000 pins!

I want to visit Japan because I am fascinated with the Kawaii fashion style and craft accessories.

I like dark chocolate cream cheese spread.

I love neon and bright colors.

I want to try my hand at silicone and resin crafts.

In my dream home I have a spacious studio in blues and browns with lots of storage dedicated to jewelry design and crafting. Speaking of a dream home, I would love to have a huge library kind of like in the movie Beauty and the Beast.

I have dreamed in black and white at least once.

Horses are relaxing.

I am becoming addicted to Ebay.

I would love to know how to do fingernail polish art that is so popular now. It would also be neat to know how to do the different make-up looks. I thought about going to cosmetology school, however I wouldn't want to do everything, like I wouldn't want to give pedicures. And I'm not a big fan of cutting hair.

I love shoes. Flip-flops, high heels, tennis shoes, cowgirl boots. I find it amazing that I trip over nothing walking barefoot but I can walk and run in high heels without tripping. lol I own a pair of camo high heels! I haven't worn them often, because I am waiting to find the perfect outfit to go with them, but they are so cute!

I am having a hard time getting use to the idea that Peyton Manning plays for the Denvor Bronco's, seems so strange. He was with the Indianapolis Colts for years. At least he went to another team that is named after a horse. First the Colts, then the Broncos, I wonder if he is a horse fan?
It is also strange saying Tim Tebow is with the New York Jets, and that his football jersey is green and not blue!

The Crabb Family has a new Cd out called "Together Again." I love it. The songs are helping me get through this time in my life. I got it Monday, and it is such a blessing. I feel like the song "If There Ever Was Time," was written just for me. It wasn't, but it feels like it.

I like watching Chonda Pierce dvd's especially lately while recovering from the dirt bike wreck, she makes me laugh, yet she can be serious and tell about the Lord. Her dvd's are encouraging and laughing is the best medicine! God's Word says so!

I have also watched Mister Ed a lot the past few weeks. He makes me laugh, and horses are calming.

I am twenty-five years old, but I still prefer climbing a fence, rather than opening the gate!

I enjoy shopping at Hobby Lobby and Michaels, they are two of my favorite stores, however Etsy is a fast favorite! There are so many great jewelry making supplies!
I want to raise a baby fox.

I sometimes think it would have been neat to grow up in an environment like the Little House on the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables, or the 1940s and 1950s but since I was born in the late 1980s, that means God has another plan for my life, and I must say living in this time is exciting!

I really want to travel. I have always had a love for traveling and it seems the older that I get the more that desire increases. I want to go to New York, Tennessee, Israel, the Philippines, Ireland, Australia, Canada to Prince Edward Island, Japan, Colorado. I think it would be neat to rent an underground igloo for a night in Finland. I would like to visit the fairy pools on the aisle of Skye in Scotland, visit Norway, Switzerland, Hawaii, Kentucky, to convince my mind that the grass really isn't blue! ;) I want to visit Greece, Italy. I still want to visit the American Girl Doll Place! I would love to visit the wall that plays music in Germany. The wall in Washington. The book shape Library in Kansas and several other places!

I think it would be cool to open up a restaurant, or a bakery! I even have a restaurant name picked out, I have for several years now! One of my dreams is to open up an actual store for Mardi Robyn and my supply shop Mardi Mart.
It is after 6am.. 6:11am to be exact and I have not been to sleep. I see daylight peeking through my curtains. Speaking of curtains, I need new ones. These white ones are getting old!

I want my home to have a room dedicated to home-schooling my children, whenever the day comes that I get married and Mr. Right and I decided to have children! The house needs a BIG pantry with lots of storage space for organizing. I like the idea of a sliding barn door to separate a room from the rest of the house. Like a play room, music room, etc.. Speaking of music, I want a music room too. I like the idea of a chalkboard wall.

I want a teacup yorkie, a white kitten with blue eyes, a blue lovebird, and a white tiger ;)
I use to want to own a dolphin, still think that would be really cool.

As a teen I use to practice writing my autograph for when I starting singing and going on tour in my blue tour bus! Yes I had big dreams! Who am I kidding, I still do have big dreams! As the little boy on the movie "Angels in the Outfield" said "Hey, it could happen!"

I would love to be in a movie remake of an old classic movie like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers "Shall We Dance," or a "Pride & Prejudice" movie, or any old classic movie that involves singing, dancing and happiness! I also would like to be an actress in Christian films, I think that would be cool.
I think duct tape floors look neat! I like making flowers out of duct tape and when I get married I want a duct tape flower bouquet!

Every time I see the new "Payless Shoes" commercial I picture Ross from the show "Friends" walking around singing "I am a paleontologist, that's what I am, that's what I am." Lol
I like John Wayne was a nice looking man in his younger days.

I would love to do a duet with Jason Crabb, Carman, Donnie McClurkin, Joshua Ladet, David Phelps, Karen Peck, Josh Groban and a list of other singers!

I want to learn Hebrew

Chinese symbols interest me.

I want to speak fluent Spanish.

So far I can speak sarcasm and southern pretty well.
I like the fact that I do not throw a football like a girl! (I am a girl btw and proud of it!)

I love riding our family 4-wheeler. I have done a lot of talking to God, listening, and thinking while riding it! I look forward to being able to ride it again.

I love being outdoors.

I want to open a Christian school, or teach at a Christian school, but I want to home-school my children when I am blessed to be married and have children.

My favorite thing to cook is sweets! I love to bake. It is relaxing and smells wonderful. Usually!
I like shopping at Antique Stores.

I am addicted to Dr. Pepper.
I am a chocoholic.

One of my best friends and I claim we are sisters because we are so much alike. Seriously! We joke that we are going to grow old and be the grannies that get our hair done and primp. I'm going to be the Granny rockin' the blue hair-do! I can see her being the Granny rockin' pink hair and polka-dot clothing!

I have several nicknames. Mardi, Mardi Robyn, Mard, Marta, Sunshine, Marfa, Marfy, Mardi Clause, Skittles, Tigger, (I love skittles, and sometimes my personality is bouncy like Tigger, and he is my favorite cartoon character!) Hamburger, (a nickname a customer gave me because he caught me eating a hamburger one day), Inch High Private Eye (because I am 5'2) and more I cannot think of at the moment.

I have been called Miss Lady before, and when answering a phone and introducing myself I have been called Marsha, Bonnie, and Sandy. How anyone gets Sandy out of Mardi is unbeknown to me! And probably other names I have forgotten.
I like watching "Craft Wars," on TLC I think it would be neat to host or be a judge of a show like that!

I love fashion and learning about it. I wouldn't mind a career in fashion.

I want to teach piano.

My favorite board games are Monopoly and Checkers.

My favorite card games are Solitaire, Uno, Go Fish and Battle.

I have names picked out for twin girls if ever I have twin girls.

I like the names Taletha Rose, Skyler Briann, Timothy Noah, John Earl, John Robert, Alethea Faith, Zoe, Charlie Briann, (for a girl), Katheryn Rose, or Katheryn Elizabeth, Maleka Kaylin, (Maleka means Martha in Hawaiian), Evelyn, Kylie, and a list of other names!

I wish I knew why God created fleas, ticks, spiders and mosquitos.

I paused from this blog post this morning and caught a nap. It is now 5:48pm.

It is thundering and raining outside and I am halfway watching 7th Heaven on GMC TV station.

I miss being able to communicate with people in person, but I know that I am healing and it will be just a matter of time and my life will be back to normal! Until then, thank the Lord for the internet and texting, I can communicate that way with! It isn't the same as face to face interaction but it helps!

I am sure there are so many more random things I could blog but I suddenly cannot think of anything else!

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