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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Throwback Posts: Tears


What's the purpose of tears
Where do they come from
Why do we cry them

Troublesome things
they come sometimes unexpectedly
sometimes uncontrollably


We cry because we are happy
We cry becase we are sad
We cry at the loss of a loved one
We cry at the birth of a newborn


Sometimes we can suck it up
Other times we must let them fall
It has been said tears are a language
that our heart understands
I agree.

When no words come but tears fall from my eyes
it helps to express the noise inside
the fears, the joys, the emotions

Tears somehow wash us
Revives us
leaves us with a silent refreshing calm
a healing that we need

Tears don't make you weak
If anything they help make us stronger
Cry if it helps
let it all out
don't be afraid or ashamed

We're human, God gave us tears for a reason

I sit and cry for a friend whose fight is just beginning
Whose life is an inspiration
Whose life is one I admire
Whose life reflects God's Only begotten son

I cry for children whose lives are abused
I cry for the lonely, the broken, the used.
I cry for the one who has made mistakes
I cry for the beauty of cleansing

I cry for a lot of reasons


I really don't understand them
but I'm thankful for them.

Just some thoughts, no big reason, nothing's wrong, just felt like blogging what I was thinking.

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