. Mardi Robyn: Throwback Post: Lessons Learned Mardi Robyn: Throwback Post: Lessons Learned

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Throwback Post: Lessons Learned

On my facebook I have been listing what I am thankful for everyday this month since Thanksgiving is at the end of the month. Today I posted that I am thankful for lessons learned.

I have learned a lot of lessons this year. Many I am still learning and I am positive there are still many lessons left for me to learn.

Many of the lessons I have learned have been through trial and error. Mistakes I could have avoided. Some lessons I learned the hard way. Many lessons I learned because of my own foolishness and stubborness. Other lessons I learned from other people's drama and unwillingness to practice commonsense.

Not only lessons are brought on by our own doing, yet many are.

I don't believe anyone can go through life without having many opportunities to learn life lessons. The key is recognizing the lesson and learning it.

I could blog about the lessons. I could list many and go into detail, but for now I will refrain from doing so. Sometimes it's best to let the lessons sink in more. Some are very personal and not meant to be blogged about.

I am thankful for everyone who stood by me through the lessons I have learned so far. Lessons have a way of revealing who your true friends are.

It can be easy to become bitter during lessons, but choose not to. Instead be positive. Learn the lesson, be thankful for them, and keep living life to the fullest, by putting God first.

I thank God for walking with me through each lesson and helping me learn them. Without Him I really would be lost.

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