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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday Blog Post

Good afternoon!

I feel like I have had a productive morning.  Uploaded jewelry pictures to my shop, and still adding pictures now!  Went with my parents to buy hay from a sweet Amish couple. I am fascinated with how they live. So simple, it looks very peaceful on their land.

We brought the hay home, and I played with my horses Shiloh and Sassy, and also my dog Goober. I gave Mandy lou (our oldest dog) treats, but she thinks she is the queen of our yard and did not like her nap being disturbed, last I checked she was still sleeping under the warm sunshine and the treats were laying by her head. Spoiled baby!

I started taking pictures of new jewelry I worked on this week, ate lunch, and now I am blogging, while uploading more pictures to my shop and watching reruns of Mister Ed.  Can you tell I like horses?  

Some pictures of my babies!

My Horse and I
Shiloh & I.

American Paint Horse
My Shy'anne  (Aka-Sassy)

American Paint Horse
My Shiloh :)

Happy Saturday!

God Bless,
  Mardi Robyn

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