. Mardi Robyn: DIY Tutorial: Anchor Cameo Adjustable Rings Mardi Robyn: DIY Tutorial: Anchor Cameo Adjustable Rings

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DIY Tutorial: Anchor Cameo Adjustable Rings

For today's DIY Tutorial I am going to show you how to make these adorable and trendy Anchor Cameo Antique Bronze Adjustable rings. They are super simple and it doesn't take long at all.
For this project you will need:
1. Clean Surface
2. Cutting Board
3. Anchor Cameos
4. Adjustable Ring Base
5. Super Glue

                                        Anchor Cameos
You can use any  cameo's, I like the looks of the Anchor ones. I also have lady face cameo adjustable rings available for purchase in my shop www.MardiRobyn.com   
You can find the supplies on Etsy or Ebay.   Personally I love using "Ingredients for Lovely" shop on etsy to buy my antique bronze adjustable ring bases.  The seller is super friendly, shipping is fast, and the quality of her supplies are wonderful! I have bought supplies from her shop multiply times. Which reminds me I need to place another order soon!
The adjustable ring bases pictures are 25 x 20mm in size. The Cameos are 18mm x 25mm in size. The cameos are made of resin!

Like I said this tutorial is super easy, and you can find the supplies on Etsy and even Ebay. I purchased some Anchor cameos from there not to long ago. 
DIY Tutorial

Superglue can be purchased at a number of places. The yellow was purchased at Dollar General and the black tube came in a four or five pack at Wal-Mart. It can be found in the hardware department. I have been using both kinds for months and I like it. It is sturdy and holds up very well!


The next step is easier than baking a cake!  Holding the ring by the ring that goes on your finger. Add super glue to the oval base of the ring.  Next places the cameo evenly onto the ring, try not to superglue your fingers together!  Press the cameo onto the ring base with your finger for 10-20 seconds.  Let air dry over night and viola you have yourself a brand new trendy ring!  I told you this was a super simple tutorial!

Anchor Cameo Rings

Which color is your favorite?  I like the pink and black anchor! I made one for myself!  Don't have the time to make one yourself?  No problem! I will be listing these rings in my shop by the end of the week!  www.MardiRobyn.com

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God Bless,
  ~Mardi Robyn

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