. Mardi Robyn: When I Became A Christian Mardi Robyn: When I Became A Christian

Sunday, May 12, 2019

When I Became A Christian

I sent the story of my coming to Jesus to a friend of mine in a letter several years ago. Recently my friend typed it from the letter to an email and sent it to me so that I could share it with y'all.

I pray you are encouraged.  If you want to know more about Jesus, please let me know.

    I grew up in Church, as the saying goes "practically raised in a pew,"O.K., maybe not "quite," but anyway, we attended regularly, my Daddy has taught Sunday school since before I was born and my Mama taught or help teach as well. ( a different class than my Daddy's of course). Needless to say I grew up with my parents being active in Church. My Parents tell me I use to go to sleep at night when I was a baby and older, listening to gospel music or someone preaching on cassette. I attended a Christian school for 2 years, during which I completed 1-2 grade in one year, and 3-4 grade in the second year. It was during that time I gave my life to Christ. I do not remember the exact date, back then I barely kept up with it anyway. However I remember the night just as clear as if it were yesterday. I recall that school had just started so I am assuming it was August. My Parents and I were at Church during the week, to watch a film the Church was showing. I do not know the name of the film, but I remember it was about heaven and hell. Throughout the movie they portrayed people dying and going to hell and what hell was like once a person was there. I remember an altar call was given and I went. I can take you to the exact side of the altar and possibly the place where I kneeled. There was two reasons I prayed that night. One, because I knew I was a sinner in need of Christ's forgiveness and two, I didn't want people to go to hell. I remember crying not only asking God to forgive me, but telling him I wanted Him to use me, even if that meant being a missionary, which for me at the time was a big thing because I was afraid He would send me somewhere I did not want to go. Like I said I do not know the date, time or anything like that, but I remember the experience as if it was yesterday.

I do not know if I ever said the sinners prayer, or rather asked God to come into my life, prior to that, like some young children do. I know all my life I have always had a sense of who Jesus is, that He is real, I owe that to my Parents raising me to love God. But, that night, I know I was saved. I would love to say from that night on I was serious about God, and read His word everyday, trying to seriously follow Him, but to say that would be a lie. Yes, I was saved, I prayed, and sometimes read His word, but basically I had a ticket out of hell and not a serious relationship with Christ. That didn't come until I was about 12 or 13, actually I was 13.

It was late one night. I remember being excited because my Parents had given me permission to stay up late. I wanted to watch a program on television that played Contemporary Christian Music videos. I remember grabbing my Bible, a notebook, and pen, going into the living room, sitting in my Daddy's chair, (he always set in it!) and read my Bible, prayed, and wrote verses or thoughts down. I remember telling God, if I was going to be  a Christian, and I was then I wanted to serve Him. I knew He had (and still has) a plan for my life and I wanted Him to use me for His glory. I was tired of playing games. Basically I rededicated my life to Christ. I became more serious about my relationship and walk with Him.

It is still a journey. A daily process. I make mistakes. I fall, I fail, but God is always there to pick me back up and set me in the right direction. I am not always serious about studying His Word, and growing in Christ, but thank God, He forgives me, and gently calls me back into fellowship with Him. He allows us to grow, like a parent allows a child to grow. God is good like that patient, faithful and loving, though I fail Him many times, He never fails me. I really should take lessons from Him. I have so much to learn but that is apart of the awesome journey with Christ. He is willing to teach, and wow, what an amazing teacher He is. When I look back at all the times God has patiently waited, patiently taught me, lead and guided me, directed my steps, lovingly corrected. Gently persuaded, always helping me along the way. He is so amazing! No words can even begin to describe what an awesome, loving God, He really is. I don't deserve it, that's why there is Christ and His grace. How sweet His grace really is!


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