. Mardi Robyn: Lessons While Watching My Horses Mardi Robyn: Lessons While Watching My Horses

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lessons While Watching My Horses

 I just love it when God uses my animals to get my attention. Our horses are smarty britches. We keep the water hose hung over the side of the fence by their water. They refuse to leave it there. Instead they pick it up with their mouth and toss it back over the fence.

 Don't we do something similar. God offers us living water. Life and nourishment for our spirit. Instead of drinking from His endless supply daily. We toss it back over our fence as if to say I don't have time for you now God. Let me do it my way. When all the while He wants to provide us with His love that refreshes. 

To often we refuse and stay dehydrated, stressed, depressed and miserable, when all we have to do is let Him flow over our fence. Just thinking..

*I typed this up on my Facebook status a few years ago.*

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