. Mardi Robyn: It Is a Beautiful Day Mardi Robyn: It Is a Beautiful Day

Thursday, June 19, 2014

It Is a Beautiful Day

The bright, warm sunshine beckoned me to come outside and enjoy the day, that and my puppy Bama sitting by the patio door patiently waiting to go outside and play.

So I took a break from packaging orders, grabbed my laptop, and a bottle of water and went outside to sit under the gazebo with the patio fan blowing while I updated tracking numbers.

It is beautiful out here. Warm sun, my Bama chasing dragon days and running with his toy football. My horse Shiloh neighing every few minutes letting me know he is ready for his sweet feed and oats. I love to hear him neigh. The sound is the most hauntingly beautiful sounds I have ever heard. It thrills me and brings a smile to my face.  

I love the smell of the outdoors and the fresh cut grass my Daddy cut yesterday. I am enjoying my time outside so much that I had the urge to blog about it.

I am feeling a lot better these days, everyday brings a new discovered healing along this road of recovery.  I feel at peace and that is a wonderful feeling.
I feel more alive and less confused. My faith is growing and my love for God increases day after day.

My God is good!

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