. Mardi Robyn: Mandy Lou Rottweiler Mardi Robyn: Mandy Lou Rottweiler

Friday, October 4, 2013

Mandy Lou Rottweiler

Tuesday night our dog Mandy Lou was put to rest. She had been sick for a long time, but she was one tough ole girl.  She survived numerous snake bites, arthritis, and heart worms.  For over a year she struggled with old age and cancer.  She was a great dog up to the very end. She wasn't just a dog, she was part of our family. She moved with us from Alabama to Mississippi in 2004, I remember she barked at every car that got to "close" behind us on our 3-4 hour drive to our new home.  There will never be a dog exactly like Mandy again.  Mandy Lou Rottweiler you were loved and are missed. 

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