. Mardi Robyn: Rekindling my Love for Reading Mardi Robyn: Rekindling my Love for Reading

Monday, September 23, 2013

Rekindling my Love for Reading

I love to read.  Books have been a part of my life since I was a child.  I remember at a young age I would fill up my little red wagon with Little Golden Books and my Mama and I would curl up in my bed eating skittles and chocolate chip cookies while she patiently read to me book after book before bedtime, and always giving in to my plea for "one more book," most often that one more book turned into two or three!  

Growing up it was rare to see me without a book.  I read during the day, at night when the rest of the family of watching television, I would read in the living room drowning out the sounds of the t.v. with my book. I remember reading my the light of the fireplace. Laying a blanket on the green grass on a warm summer day and curling up with a book. Several nights I would lay in bed reading under the covers, using a flashlight for light, even though I was suppose to be sleeping.  There were times during my schoolwork I would be tempted to hide a book within my opened school book so that it looked as if I was reading.   Thankfully, I have a very smart Mama who caught on quickly.

I enjoyed reading so much that I would stir a pot on the stove while reading, read while the microwave was heating food or hot chocolate.  When we had dial-up Internet I would read while waiting for the Internet to slowly connect.  When I left the house I carried one or more books with me.   I love to read.

About a year before I began working outside of my home I begin slacking off on reading. The Internet took up most of my time.  As you can imagine once I started working I read even less.  For over three years I rarely read. 

After my dirt bike wreck last year I tried to read some, but because of my head injury I had to stop before reading two pages, my head would hurt. 

Months later for some strange reason I still do not understand, I found I could read books on Kindle and it did not hurt my head or eyes like a regular book.  Gradually I began being able to read several pages at a time, and then whole books!   This was exciting for me, to be able to read without my head hurting because of my injury.

A few weeks ago I picked up a hardback book, "Happy, Happy, Happy" by Phil Robertson.  I ordered it from Amazon and had it a couple of weeks before reading it.   I began reading it late one Saturday morning around 2:00a.m. and did not go to sleep until I finished reading the entire book around 7:30a.m.    When I told my Daddy about reading the book, and handed it to him to read, I mentioned I did not stop reading it until I had finished it.  It was then he pointed out to me something that had not dawned on me,  For hours I read a book and it did not hurt my head or eyes!!   Another fact that adds to my excitement, is before reading "Happy, Happy, Happy"  I had read within a couple of hours a craft book with pictures and words, the book contained a little over 200 pages and I read it all.  First time since my head injury I could read without instant headaches!  Thank the Lord for that!   It means I have recovered more!

Since then I have read even more books on Kindle and I started another hardback book Friday.  I am rekindling my love for reading, and it feels great.   Reading awakens the brain and fuels the imagination.  It is also relaxing!

Here is a list of what I have read so far this year!

1. "Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job and Your Dream Job." ~ Jon Acuff (Finished reading this)

2. "Sense and Sensibility" ~Jane Austen

3. "The Candy Country." ~Louisa Mae Alcott

4. "Persuasion."  ~Jane Austen

5. "The Bobbsey Twins: The Secret at the Seashore."  ~Laura Lee Hope

6  "Northanger Abbey."  ~Jane Austen

7  "Mansfield Park."  ~Jane Austen

8.  "Love and Friendship."  ~Jane Austen

9  "The Sparkle Factory." ~Tarina Tarantino

10. "Happy, Happy Happy,"  ~Mr. Phil Robertson  (My favorite book I have read this year!)

11. "Pride & Prejudice."  ~Jane Austen

12.  "A Very Special Delivery."  ~Linda Goodnight

13.  "Pollyanna."  ~Eleanor H. Porter

14.  "Pollyanna Grows Up."  ~Eleanor H. Porter

I wonder if I will reach my goal of reading 100 books by the end of the year?  Either way I am happy to be able to read again without an headache while reading!  Thank the Lord!

What are you reading?  I would like to know!


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